Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prayer Request for Bates Creek Camp

I am writing this to those faithful prayer warriors that read this blog on a regular basis. Would you take a few moments to pray specifically for this Youth Camp that is coming up next week? Many people acknowledge that modern day ministries of all sort "dumb" down the gospel and actually preach a different gospel rather than that of the Scripture.

We just came back from a week of camp with Boys (grades 3-6) and I rejoice that we had a week of teaching the meaning of repentance and faith in Christ. The boys could tell you the meaning of these words as well as explain a basic meaning of the infallibility of the Scriptures. There were several young men that wept over their sins during this camp and made public professions that they came to camp as sinners apart from Christ, but God showed them their sins, they repent of their sins and are trusting in Jesus Christ. Let me tell you this was a amazing thing to be a part of. I don't recall seeing anything like this in a long time. It was truly amazing.

Pray this week for the teenagers that are going to be at the camp. Please pray that we would not fall for the world's pressure of trying to make the message "I'm okay, you're ok." Please pray that we will not succumb to the foolishness of trying to make the gospel "relevant" or do anything other than preach the "full counsel of God." Oh that the Lord would be pleased to save some souls this week and would call some people to give up their lives for the sake of missions to areas where Christ is not proclaimed!

Please join with me in asking the Lord to call people from darkness into light and to make His Name Great among the peoples at camp this week! If I have a moment, I am going to update this blog at least once during the week so that I can keep others informed.

Please stay tuned for more information on Mexico missions and Spanish language missions in and near the St. Louis, Missouri area!

Praise be to God!
He has hushed the law's loud thunder!
He has quenched Mt. Sinai's flame!
(Issac Watts)

In all things...Christ Preeminent!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prayer Requests from the Spanish Service

Brothers and Sisters,

We have been graced by some visitors that have come by to talk the last few days. These people attend out 8:00am service in Spanish at Rockport. Our group of people have become increasingly interested in the history of the reformation and after sharing with them about the story of Martin Luther, they are very excited about watching the movie. They only have one perspective of this man's life and death...what has been taught by the catholic church. Would you pray for the group of people that came to borrow the DVD and are watching it today?

New People
We had three new people last week: Erika, Guillermo, and Abram. Praise the Lord! One of these is a brother of one of regular attenders, Ismael. This new guy claims to be a believer and at least has some experience with church music.

Please pray that we might continue to purchase items that we need for teaching, as well as we might receive assistance from a native Spanish speaker that could help provide some guidance for the ministry. My Spanish is very limited. Don't get me wrong, it is better than what it was...but there is so much more that this group of people need to be taught.

Continued Passion for current believers and Church Leaders
I don't know if something like this would be possible, but as an effort to reach current believers, Pastors, and leaders, I would like to see if there is a way to offer something in Spanish in conjunction with our local Founder's conference. To my knowledge, there are not many resources, if any, that are available like this for the Spanish speaking community in North America, specifically the U.S.

Monday, July 14, 2008

God's Will for Slaves

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If you are going to be attending Youth Week at Bates Creek Camp, near St. Louis, Missouri the following week, I think that you might be interested in checking out this sermon! This sermon is going to be provided to the Cabin Leaders at this camp, but I am including the link here for your enjoyment! Our theme this year is going to focus on what it means to be taken from a slave of sin to a slave of righteousness.

The original Sermon Audio page can be found here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Preparing for Camp

Next week is Boy's Camp at Bates Creek. As I was thinking over some things that would be good to meditate on concerning this week, and I was reading through a book that I have been pushing through for a few months now. This book is a good read and I would suggest it to everyone. It is entitled, "The Heart of Prayer - What Jesus Teaches Us" by Jerram Barrs, Professor at Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri.

As I was thinking about the task that is set before us, here is a quote from the book that really spoke to me. He is speaking here about the High Priestly Prayer from John 17.

Jesus is showing us in the clearest possible way that our work in God's kingdom will be ineffective without our prayer for the Father to accomplish his purposes through his blessing on all we do. He is showing us that our attempts to teach the Word will fail unless we pray that the Father send the Spirit to render them powerful and effective. AS will our teaching of our own children at home, our teaching in our churches or any other kind of teaching ministry, our leading of worship, our music and our singing, our visiting, our serving, and our hospitality.

By the example of his High Priestly Prayer, Jesus is teaching us that in all the things we do, it is not enough to be busy for the Lord, not enough to be active in doing his work, not enough to be committed to teaching his Word. In addition to the work we do, we are always to bed the Lord to do his work in people's hearts and minds. For without his work, without his blessing, all our labors will be in vain.

This is why Acts records that the apostles devoted themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer. In fact, the text reverses the order--the apostles said:

We will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4)

Our ministry is to e prayer and the ministry of teaching; prayer and the ministry of serving; prayer and the ministry of music; prayer and the ministry of singing; prayer and the ministry of hospitality; prayer and the ministry of giving; prayer and the ministry off...You complete the sentence! All of us whatever our service to the Lord and to his people, are called to recognize that all our devotion and everything else we do will accomplish nothing unless we turn to the Lord in prayer, and unless the Lord blesses our efforts and establishes the labors of our hands.