Friday, June 29, 2007

First Post from Home

We have returned home. Our flight out of Houston was delayed about about an hour so...we arrived a little later than normal. The flight was also more "bumpy" than what we were all used to!

First, let me start by saying that I was surprised by all that the Lord did throughout our time together in Mexico. I was telling Ken White that I never would have imaged that this year would have been so amazing! It was incredible.

One of the highlights (and I will include more later), was the the meeting with the village president (Delegado) and the town commissioner. Accompanied by some of the older teenage boys of the town, Ken and I visited these men to discuss our presence within the community. I will telling you more about this later...however...I think that you might be interested to know that we received an official letter from the town requesting our frequent and immediate return! This is such an honor.

Terry's most recent comment couldn't have been more accurate. In his post he mentions exactly what we must consider...that is the consequence of what has been done thorough the work in Centenario, and also the work that has been done in the missionaries. Please be in prayer for many of us as we are struggling with this and seeking the Lord for direction.

Thank you to all of those who have read and kept up with us. A special thanks to all those who have posted comments!

It was once again a great pleasure and joy to work with To Every Tribe Ministries. Rod Conner brought much wisdom to our group, we were blessed to work with/for him.

A special thanks goes out to Evelyn and Carol for all of their hard work as our translators.

Ken and Diane, thank you for your continued support, your heart for truth, and passion for God's glory in all things!

Rick, thank you for pointing us all again to the wonderful joy of praising our creator in Spirit and in Truth.

John and Stephanie, thank you so much for your sweet servant attitudes, hauling our stuff across the country, teaching, working in the medical clinic...and I could go on and on! John...thank you so much for locking the keys in the van. Brother, look what the Lord has done through this providential blessing!!!

Rachel, thank you for being the support behind me...thank you for allowing your hubby to be gone during this time. The Lord has used this time to benefit others as well as me. Thank you so much for keeping the folks here informed on the happenings!!!

Finally, I would like to think the congregation at Rockport for all of their support and prayer! The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful group of people who love the Lord, and love to see the Name of the Lord exalted throughout all the Earth!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back in the States!

Here are just a few more pics that they wanted me to share.

Just a little note to let you know that our missionaries are back in the U.S. They have had a wonderful time and can't wait to share with us! One piece of fabulous news is that Aaron was able to meet with the town president. Not only did the president have wonderful things to say about our group being there...he also gave a letter of invitation to return there any time! This is obviously a HUGE deal! I know there is a lot more to it than that, but that's all I have on it at this time.

Please remember to continue praying for our team, as they will be traveling back to Missouri tomorrow. They will arrive in Saint Louis at 2:25pm.

Did I mention that I am EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love yuns!

Rachel S.

Last Day in Centenario

Well, as you can see in the pic (behind Aaron & Carlos), our troops are packing up to come home. I don't have much news today, because I was not able to talk to Aaron last night. However, I spoke with him briefly in the morning yesterday, and he said they were already feeling extremely sad about having to leave today. Why must goodbye's be so difficult?!

This morning when they are done packing up, they will head back to the border. They will be able to stop in Matamoros for a little bit of shopping at the market. Then after getting back into Texas, they may still have time to head to South Padre Island for a swim in the ocean. Tonight they will have a meeting with the groups that were in the other towns, where they will be able to debrief and share what works the Lord has begun.

They will have to be at the airport in Harlingen at about 9am tomorrow, and will arrive in Saint Louis at 2:25 pm! I'm soooooo excited!!!!!

Please continue praying for safe travel!

Rachel Sutton

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Short post!

Well, here it is Tuesday night. I'm sure our team is feeling a little bit down that tomorrow is their last full day. Thursday morning will be spent packing up tents and loading the trailer to head back into Texas. They should be headed towards the border by about 10 or 11 am Thursday morning.

The only news I have received thus far today, is that things are still going just great! The "rumor" was true about Carmen and her Bible. She desperately needed some glasses so that she can spend more time reading...they were going to try and fit her with a pair today.

They had the opportunity to visit & perform the drama in the neighboring town, called Emiliano Zappata. This is yet another unreached area. Praise the Lord for this opportunity!

Aaron asked that you specifically pray for Daniel & Ivar. They are young men (17ish), who have been spending much time with a few from our group. Pray for their salvation!

This is a picture of Juana (left) and her daughter. Juana was one of the special ladies that we became close to last year. Every morning she made her special coffee for our group. We would walk across the street...and she would serve us using her finest dishes. What a sweet woman. Her mother was also living with her at the time, and was very ill. Juana took care of her...changing her, cleaning her, changing her bedding several times a day. What a chore. But she did it with much love and patience. Her mother passed away week ago today. Please pray that even through the death of her dear mother, the Lord would show Himself to her...that she might be saved.

That's all the scoop I have for now! Please remember to pray for the above mentioned people and situations!

Love you all!
Rachel Sutton

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pics & News from Centenario, Mexico

FINALLY! As many of you know, I heard from my most wonderful husband Sunday evening. And those of you who know me, know that I was ecstatic! He gave a wonderful report on what has been happening thus far.

When they first pulled into Centenario, they had quite the welcome! Half of the town was waiting for them at the school grounds. Aaron said it was overwhelming! Gee, I wish I could've been there!!!

The team is once again stationed on the school grounds, just like last year. This is just what we had been praying for. They are right in the center of the town, and within walking distance of almost every home. Also, as you will see in some of the pictures, there is a building that they are able to use for Bible school and other teaching times.

Aaron said that they have been blessed with glorious weather! Although it has been hot, there has been continuous cloud cover, and a constant breeze. Also, they have been getting rain showers off and on...just enough to keep the dust under control. This may sound silly, but it is quite a blessing!

Now for the really exciting news! Last year, our cooks name was Carmen. She is an older lady that is very well known in the town. We were able to provide her with a Bible in her language. She seemed very thankful & excited. The "rumor" is that she began reading the scripture and has become very curious. She then passed the Bible to her husband...who is now also wanting to learn more. I say that this is a rumor, because Aaron had not yet had a chance to meet with them and discuss, but had only heard this news from another individual. He and a few others were to meet with Carmen and her husband today. What kind of work is the Lord doing? I can't wait to hear the details!!!!!

Here are a few pics from the first drama performance. It seems that sometimes "drama productions" can be overrated and just a bunch of put on. But my prayer is that you can see what a tool the Freedom drama has been. The people, young and old, come from all over the town to watch and listen. Each time it is performed, one of the team members gives a personal testimony and short message about the saving grace of our God! What a wonderful opportunity! To my understanding, they will be doing the drama at least once each evening. And I also believe they are going to a neighboring town to share with them as well.

I can't wait to see if Aaron is able to send more pics tomorrow! I really enjoy being able to see what is going on there! Here are the rest of the pics that he sent today:

One other note, as you have heard so many times before, Mexicans LOVE soccer! This was used as a great outreach tool last year. Well, yesterday morning, the men from the town gathered together with our team for a great game of soccer! This provides a time to bond with the people and to earn the right to be heard when it comes to the Gospel! Because the men from the town can seem to be more resistant, this game can really help open doors! Praise the Lord!

Please make all of the above mentioned items a matter of prayer this week. It sounds as though the Lord is really working there in Centenario. What a joy for our people to be a part...and to be a part ourselves by lifting them up to our Great God in prayer!~

Someone asked what would be the best day to fast and pray. Aaron's response was that any day would be the best day! Wednesday is their last full day in Centenario, and will be the last opportunity to witness to the people that we have grown to love. They will have to pack up to leave early on Thursday...which will be very emotional!

Well, when I hear more, you will hear more!

Love to you all!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A few pics from Matamoros, Mexico

Well, I'm not as wordy as my wonderful hubby when it comes to blogging, but while he is away, I will be trying to keep you posted with info and pics!

The last that I heard from our mission team (around 1pm), they were still in line at the border....and had been there quite some time. This can be soooo tiring! At about 4pm, Aaron sent these pics from his phone. The pics are from Matamoros which is the border town just on the other side of the checkpoint. The past 3 times that I have been to this area, it was dry as a bone! I can't imagine how much rain they must have been getting to cause this much flooding.

Tonight will have been a very busy night. Unloading trailers full of equipment...setting up 10 tents...greeting old friends in the village...preparing dinner...all of this after a very long, hot, uncomfortable wait at the border. They should have no problems sleeping tonight!

Please continue praying for our missionaries! A few specifics are as follows:

1. For a good night's rest in preparation for a very exhausting week.
2. That the Lord would open the hearts of those that our team comes in contact with.
3. That the Lord would draw our team members to Himself...that their focus would not be on the heat, the dirt, the bugs, or even one another...but solely on HIM!
4. As Aaron mentioned in his last post...that some of the teens in the village would be open to meeting together for a time of teaching.
5. That the Lord would use this time to call out a full time missionary from our group.
6. And on a selfish note, please pray that Olivia will wait for daddy to get home before she makes her grand entrance!

These are just a few of my thoughts and prayers....don't stop there!

Este es el dia

Today is the day that we are headed out. We are loading up and will be crossing the border around noon today...please keep this in mind while you are praying throughout the day.

I received a phone call from Rueben Moreno from Corpus Christi. He and his wife are on their way to Matamoros this morning and they are going to stop by the hotel to pray with us! This is a great blessing!

I would like to present to you all one of our ideas in reaching out to the people of the village. We are going to see if there will be a few young people that would commit to letting us teach them in a small setting. If they are willing to do this and commit to this, we are going to give them a part in the drama as well. Then, we are going to have them travel with us to the other villages and do the drama. Please pray over this.

Just one more thought about the mission field. The man who spoke last night at our gathering has been a pastor for about 30 years. He has been through seminary and has had the experience of working the mission field in the United States throughout all of these years. However, he broke down and wept over the grace of God that has now allowed him to participate in missions to unreached people. He said that the Lord has changed his view...because he used to ask the question "why should I go?" He also challenged others to ask this very same question regarding missions. He said that after considering the great task of reaching the unreached people groups in the world, and in view of the mercy of God, we should instead ask "Why should I stay?"

O Lord, please put a passion within in us to have the same resolve. To go to the ends of the earth though it may cost us our very lives so that your Name may be proclaimed among the Nations. 'Till You return or call us home...grant us the privilege and the joy to take Your gospel to ends of the Earth! Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come! Amen

In all things...Christ preeminent!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Evening Post

We just returned from orientation with the rest of the teams. We enjoyed a sweet time of prayer last night before bedtime and as I type right now we are preparing for another time this evening. especially will want to know that after today we will not have contact until we return back to the United States. However, you can check back here and we will have photos and information posted here.

Ken from our group said of the speaker during tonight's orientation...
I'm humbled and overwhelmed by that man who has 20-30 years of experience who was asked to give us a testimony of God's work. He shared his heart...with tears...and explained the Greatness of God and the excellent things that the Lord has done through the years during these mission experiences. He also exhorted those on the team to be unified and to recognize God's Sovereign work is no accident, but it was prepared in advance before the foundation of the world.

Regarding Tonight
It is a joy to work with To Every Tribe Missions. We are grateful for the work of David and Tommi Sitton and their commitment to spreading the gospel to the unreached people groups across the world. Please pray for their ministry as it is growing. We hear great success stories today regarding their school for church planting.


Thank you for those who have responded by e-mail or by posting a comment here on the blog. I am going to forward these thoughts to the rest of the team tonight.

I would like to especially thank my wife for allowing me to make this trip, helping me prepare, and even now helping us by keeping me organized!!! Thank you dear for all of your contribution to the ministry of the Kingdom!

Some were asking where we will be staying...well...we found out tonight that we most likely will once again be able to stay in the schoolyard in Centenario. We are going to find out exactly what the conditions will be when we show up.

Please pray that we might have a smooth crossing at the border tomorrow. I will let everyone know when this is done. Thank you all for praying!!!

In all things...Christ Preeminent!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Evening Post

The picture above is our morning devotion time with Billy leading a session on God's Passion for a Pure people.

Today we settled our lesson plans, had some time to relax for a little bit, practice the drama, and we are getting ready to wind down for the day.

This evening Ken led us in a great lesson on the New Covenant in the blood of Jesus. After, the small groups met to discuss this and we are planning a prayer meeting tonight. After the small groups meet we are going to spend as much time necessary to seek the Lord and pray for his intervention to move us as a team and also to go before us to the ministry site in Mexico.

Our schedule for tomorrow will include morning devotion by Denny, followed by preparing of music. We have an afternoon session from Rick and the meeting with the other mission teams at a church in Los Fresnos. We will return to the hotel tomorrow night one last time before we head in to Mexico early Saturday morning. Parents - We will be calling you Saturday morning before we cross the border. After this point if you need to contact us in an emergency, please contact Rachel.

While we are in Mexico, Rachel will be helping me post information as I will be sending prayer requests and pictures live from Centenario and the rest of the Mezquital region.

We appreciate all of your prayers! The Lord is Good! Praise the Lord!

On behalf of the other missionaries,

Thursday Morning Update (Estamos aqui!!!)

We made it!!! We had no snags with our luggage, shuttle, flights, etc! Praise the Lord! After our meeting last night everyone went to bed to prepare for a very busy day!

On the way here, some of the kids (Billy, Lauren, Elizabeth, and Robby) had conversation with a fellow believer from McAllen, Tx. He and his family will be praying for us while we are in Mexico. Tom, if you are reading this, thank you for the time of fellowship and time of encouragement on the flight here!

So, what is on the agenda for today? Well, it is busy!!! We all woke up early...well...what some of them consider early...we are having quiet time followed by morning devotion. Please remember Billy in prayer as he will be leading today's morning devotion on God's passion for a pure people. Ken will be leading this evening's devotion on God's faithfulness when we are not.

We also made contact with a lady that works here at the hotel. She is going to check with a family member who works for the city of Harlingen to see if there is a way that we can do the drama in the middle of the city mall. She is going to check and let us know tomorrow morning! Please pray for this opportunity as well!

Today is going to be filled with practice, small group time in preparing lesson plans and purchasing supplies.

So, here are some specific areas where we are in need of prayer.

  • Our groups as they prepare their lessons today

  • As we practice the drama

  • God to work within us to change our lives as we seek to be instruments in His hands!

  • A sweet time of worship and fellowship together

  • Times of spreading the gospel here in Texas before we go to Mexico

  • Salvation to be brought to our village.

  • That we might be a blessing to the people at the hotel. (Pray for Rafael...he is the man that took us around on the shuttle last year...he instantly recognized us this year as the group that went out and treated him to some special Promised Land Milk!)

  • Silly little glitches with technology would not be a distraction for us or the people whom we serve.

Well, we will check in a little bit later...I think Rick has some more preparing to do on the music plans!

Thank you for being a praying people! Thank you for all your time and support of this mission team. If you would like to post notes of encouragement or letters to anyone on the team, please feel free to do so!

In all things...Christ preeminent!

Aaron and the rest of the mission team

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We have all made it to our destination. Everyone is safe and we are headed to the hotel.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Both groups are making their connecting flights. We will check in again upon our arrival at Harlingen.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Vamanos!!! (Part 2) is the day...please be in prayer for our group as we head off for Harlingen, Tx. Our flights leave this afternoon.

Tonight's plan is to settle in the hotel, have a group session and plan for the next few days of training.

During this time...we will post entries here where you will find pictures as well as information from our day!

Before we leave, I want to share a little bit of God's grace and provision in the life of one of our team members. Now...I have always told those going should never let money alone be the factor to determine their participation. Here is just a small example of how the Lord works.

We had a team member that was lacking about $300.00 for their trip expenses. I wish that I could tell you that I was not stressed out about it...but that would be a lie. I was really wondering to the very few hours before the final decision had to be made. Well, then I received a phone call from someone wanting to come over and visit with us. Upon their departure they left with me a check for $300.00 for the mission trip. should not be shocked by this...but once again I have been reminded of how great and how awesome the Lord is...and how he provides for his people!'s time to great ready to roll out! I'll check in tonight to let everyone know how we're doing!

Theme: Dios de Pactos

Estableceré mi pacto contigo; y sabrás que yo soy el SEÑOR
Ezequiel 16:62

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spontaneous Song by Bob Kauflin

There hasn't been much of an opportunity for me to sit down and really write out all that I would like to say about this year's New Attitude Conference...but I feel it very important to mention something that occurred during one of the sessions.

As good old Southern Baptists we normally are not accustomed to "spontaneous singing" or as Bob Kauflin puts it "prophetic" Please don't throw stones at me for quoting the word "prophetic." Do your homework first, then come back with discussion. Bob Kauflin, worship leader/song writer, felt an impression to sing a spontaneous song for those battling sexual sin or temptation. This occurred while we were singing a song called "It all because of Jesus."

I believe that this song will bless your hearts...especially those who struggle with this issue day in and day out. I would highly recommend visiting the Sovereign Grace Website and the New Attitude Conference Website and listening to the messages, investing in the books, attending the conferences, and praying for their ministry as so many have been blessed by this. (Links are provided at the side of the page).

I must say with great joy that this heart has been challenged, encouraged, exhorted, and confronted in the matters of genuine worship through singing, preaching, and scripture reading. I know that there are those who have really already got this down and are more mature in these matters...but please be patient with those, like me, that are just now beginning to understand just a small, tiny, microscopic view of the tip of the iceberg of joyful adoration of our Lord!!!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Let Everything that has breath Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

New Mission Opportunity

Recently a few other crazy people from Rockport went out to do some street ministry in the St. Louis metropolitan area. I know...your first thought could be just like have "outgrown that faze in my life!" This is a sad statement. When I was younger I had lots of zeal for this type of ministry, participated in it with my good friend John, and longed to spend my days and weekends out on the street witnessing and sharing the gospel with others. Well, this was a great "wake-up call" and I am thankful for this opportunity.
Let me share with you some thoughts that I had regarding this similarities of this mission and the indigenous mission trips that are done internationally. (I know that there could be a whole lot more added to this...but here are just a few.)

First, I found myself in the midst of a people that spoke a language that I did not know. These people are familiar with places, practices (though mostly heathen), and jargon that I simply could not relate to. became obvious to me that I was surrounded by a people that most likely have never been confronted with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of these people were very "spiritual" people in the sense of they loved to discuss supernatural matters. Those who have heard the gospel...I am assuming have never heard the liberating, life-giving, free, sovereign grace of God that has the power to set sinners free from the law of sin and death. (Romans 6-9).

What do we have here? We have an opportunity to take the gospel to the "hard places" as John Piper calls it. This area is not "safe." Why do I say that? Two things...there is always the threat of physical safety...yes, we live in a fallen world. The second part, which is probably a greater fear for the fact that this is not safe for those who are wanting to participate in a mission project or "activity" that will produce for them a "good feeling." These people, as with other "unreached people" do not need us to get our jollies on the fact that we are doing something for our benefit...that is...unless we are seeking our benefit by the joy of sacrificing our time, effort, money, comfort, safety, and our very lives that they may know Christ!

Who's in the picture above? His name is Rod and he has a store called Digs in the South Grand area of St. Louis Missouri. He pointed us to several hurting people in this area...and wants us to consider working with some of the troubled youth in the area that hang out at a coffee shop next to his store.

Therefore, I am asking if there are other crazy people out there in the St. Louis area...that are wanting to MAKE A COMMITMENT to be a missionary to this unreached people group. Consider this, make it a matter of prayer...we will be getting back together to do more in this area following our trip to Mexico.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Well, it is time for us again to head to Mexico. I thought that it might be a good idea to include some of the pictures of those whom we will be with. Please be in prayer for us as we travel, as we prepare, work, play, and as we return.

One of my great desires for this year is that there would be great growth among our team members that zeal for missions would continue to overflow when they return. I must say...I am excited about missions opportunities in the future!

Be sure to check back often...because there will be blog entries while we are preparing in well as while we are in Mexico! If all goes well...I will be staying in touch with Rachel and she will help me with posting pictures and prayer requests live from Mexico.

Speaking of Rachel...tomorrow will be a very big day for us! We are a little over 3 weeks before Olivia is expected to come! Notice that I said..."expected." Rachel has her doctor's appointment tomorrow. During this doctor's appointment we will find out if we have his blessing on me going to Mexico. If I cannot go...well...hmmm...that would be yet another point of prayer that I must ask you to consider! We really do believe that all will work out..but please remember this matter!!!

Sooo....along with this...let me ask you to pray for Rachel!!! She has been in a lot of pain...with the baby kicking and moving around! Also, it is going to be difficult for both of us as I will be away..but we both recognize the sacrifices of the ministry! For those reading this that will be attending the mission trip...I would like to encourage you to thank her as none of this would have happened this year without her prayer and support!!!

Let me also ask you to give a special thanks to Cindy Boehm...our church secretary. She has been such a huge help this she always is. She is yet another contributor to mission in Mexico...and again...without her prayer, support, putting up with me, organizing, and wisdom...there would be no trip this year!!! I praise the Lord that there are many others who have contributed both financially and in other ways...thank you so much from all of us on the team!

I want to thank my good buddy Zach, who is putting together a promo video for next year. My prayer is that those who are reading this article might also consider if their gifts can be used in this ministry. We are already making plans for our trips next year. If this is something you would like to consider, details will soon be available at our website..and here on the blog...check back soon!

In all things...Christ Preeminent!