Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vamanos!!! (Part 2) is the day...please be in prayer for our group as we head off for Harlingen, Tx. Our flights leave this afternoon.

Tonight's plan is to settle in the hotel, have a group session and plan for the next few days of training.

During this time...we will post entries here where you will find pictures as well as information from our day!

Before we leave, I want to share a little bit of God's grace and provision in the life of one of our team members. Now...I have always told those going should never let money alone be the factor to determine their participation. Here is just a small example of how the Lord works.

We had a team member that was lacking about $300.00 for their trip expenses. I wish that I could tell you that I was not stressed out about it...but that would be a lie. I was really wondering to the very few hours before the final decision had to be made. Well, then I received a phone call from someone wanting to come over and visit with us. Upon their departure they left with me a check for $300.00 for the mission trip. should not be shocked by this...but once again I have been reminded of how great and how awesome the Lord is...and how he provides for his people!'s time to great ready to roll out! I'll check in tonight to let everyone know how we're doing!

Theme: Dios de Pactos

Estableceré mi pacto contigo; y sabrás que yo soy el SEÑOR
Ezequiel 16:62

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