Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Evening Post

We just returned from orientation with the rest of the teams. We enjoyed a sweet time of prayer last night before bedtime and as I type right now we are preparing for another time this evening. especially will want to know that after today we will not have contact until we return back to the United States. However, you can check back here and we will have photos and information posted here.

Ken from our group said of the speaker during tonight's orientation...
I'm humbled and overwhelmed by that man who has 20-30 years of experience who was asked to give us a testimony of God's work. He shared his heart...with tears...and explained the Greatness of God and the excellent things that the Lord has done through the years during these mission experiences. He also exhorted those on the team to be unified and to recognize God's Sovereign work is no accident, but it was prepared in advance before the foundation of the world.

Regarding Tonight
It is a joy to work with To Every Tribe Missions. We are grateful for the work of David and Tommi Sitton and their commitment to spreading the gospel to the unreached people groups across the world. Please pray for their ministry as it is growing. We hear great success stories today regarding their school for church planting.


Thank you for those who have responded by e-mail or by posting a comment here on the blog. I am going to forward these thoughts to the rest of the team tonight.

I would like to especially thank my wife for allowing me to make this trip, helping me prepare, and even now helping us by keeping me organized!!! Thank you dear for all of your contribution to the ministry of the Kingdom!

Some were asking where we will be staying...well...we found out tonight that we most likely will once again be able to stay in the schoolyard in Centenario. We are going to find out exactly what the conditions will be when we show up.

Please pray that we might have a smooth crossing at the border tomorrow. I will let everyone know when this is done. Thank you all for praying!!!

In all things...Christ Preeminent!


Rachel Sutton said...

Must you make me cry???

Amy said...

Say hey to my girls! Tell them I'm praying! Tell them they are going to have a new cousin in about 7 months. Love, Mom, as in Amy