Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Morning Update (Estamos aqui!!!)

We made it!!! We had no snags with our luggage, shuttle, flights, etc! Praise the Lord! After our meeting last night everyone went to bed to prepare for a very busy day!

On the way here, some of the kids (Billy, Lauren, Elizabeth, and Robby) had conversation with a fellow believer from McAllen, Tx. He and his family will be praying for us while we are in Mexico. Tom, if you are reading this, thank you for the time of fellowship and time of encouragement on the flight here!

So, what is on the agenda for today? Well, it is busy!!! We all woke up early...well...what some of them consider early...we are having quiet time followed by morning devotion. Please remember Billy in prayer as he will be leading today's morning devotion on God's passion for a pure people. Ken will be leading this evening's devotion on God's faithfulness when we are not.

We also made contact with a lady that works here at the hotel. She is going to check with a family member who works for the city of Harlingen to see if there is a way that we can do the drama in the middle of the city mall. She is going to check and let us know tomorrow morning! Please pray for this opportunity as well!

Today is going to be filled with practice, small group time in preparing lesson plans and purchasing supplies.

So, here are some specific areas where we are in need of prayer.

  • Our groups as they prepare their lessons today

  • As we practice the drama

  • God to work within us to change our lives as we seek to be instruments in His hands!

  • A sweet time of worship and fellowship together

  • Times of spreading the gospel here in Texas before we go to Mexico

  • Salvation to be brought to our village.

  • That we might be a blessing to the people at the hotel. (Pray for Rafael...he is the man that took us around on the shuttle last year...he instantly recognized us this year as the group that went out and treated him to some special Promised Land Milk!)

  • Silly little glitches with technology would not be a distraction for us or the people whom we serve.

Well, we will check in a little bit later...I think Rick has some more preparing to do on the music plans!

Thank you for being a praying people! Thank you for all your time and support of this mission team. If you would like to post notes of encouragement or letters to anyone on the team, please feel free to do so!

In all things...Christ preeminent!

Aaron and the rest of the mission team

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