Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Short post!

Well, here it is Tuesday night. I'm sure our team is feeling a little bit down that tomorrow is their last full day. Thursday morning will be spent packing up tents and loading the trailer to head back into Texas. They should be headed towards the border by about 10 or 11 am Thursday morning.

The only news I have received thus far today, is that things are still going just great! The "rumor" was true about Carmen and her Bible. She desperately needed some glasses so that she can spend more time reading...they were going to try and fit her with a pair today.

They had the opportunity to visit & perform the drama in the neighboring town, called Emiliano Zappata. This is yet another unreached area. Praise the Lord for this opportunity!

Aaron asked that you specifically pray for Daniel & Ivar. They are young men (17ish), who have been spending much time with a few from our group. Pray for their salvation!

This is a picture of Juana (left) and her daughter. Juana was one of the special ladies that we became close to last year. Every morning she made her special coffee for our group. We would walk across the street...and she would serve us using her finest dishes. What a sweet woman. Her mother was also living with her at the time, and was very ill. Juana took care of her...changing her, cleaning her, changing her bedding several times a day. What a chore. But she did it with much love and patience. Her mother passed away Wednesday...one week ago today. Please pray that even through the death of her dear mother, the Lord would show Himself to her...that she might be saved.

That's all the scoop I have for now! Please remember to pray for the above mentioned people and situations!

Love you all!
Rachel Sutton

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