Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Mission Opportunity

Recently a few other crazy people from Rockport went out to do some street ministry in the St. Louis metropolitan area. I know...your first thought could be just like mine...man...I have "outgrown that faze in my life!" This is a sad statement. When I was younger I had lots of zeal for this type of ministry, participated in it with my good friend John, and longed to spend my days and weekends out on the street witnessing and sharing the gospel with others. Well, this was a great "wake-up call" and I am thankful for this opportunity.
Let me share with you some thoughts that I had regarding this similarities of this mission and the indigenous mission trips that are done internationally. (I know that there could be a whole lot more added to this...but here are just a few.)

First, I found myself in the midst of a people that spoke a language that I did not know. These people are familiar with places, practices (though mostly heathen), and jargon that I simply could not relate to.

Second...it became obvious to me that I was surrounded by a people that most likely have never been confronted with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of these people were very "spiritual" people in the sense of they loved to discuss supernatural matters. Those who have heard the gospel...I am assuming have never heard the liberating, life-giving, free, sovereign grace of God that has the power to set sinners free from the law of sin and death. (Romans 6-9).

What do we have here? We have an opportunity to take the gospel to the "hard places" as John Piper calls it. This area is not "safe." Why do I say that? Two things...there is always the threat of physical safety...yes, we live in a fallen world. The second part, which is probably a greater fear for me...is the fact that this is not safe for those who are wanting to participate in a mission project or "activity" that will produce for them a "good feeling." These people, as with other "unreached people" do not need us to get our jollies on the fact that we are doing something for our benefit...that is...unless we are seeking our benefit by the joy of sacrificing our time, effort, money, comfort, safety, and our very lives that they may know Christ!

Who's in the picture above? His name is Rod and he has a store called Digs in the South Grand area of St. Louis Missouri. He pointed us to several hurting people in this area...and wants us to consider working with some of the troubled youth in the area that hang out at a coffee shop next to his store.

Therefore, I am asking if there are other crazy people out there in the St. Louis area...that are wanting to MAKE A COMMITMENT to be a missionary to this unreached people group. Consider this, make it a matter of prayer...we will be getting back together to do more in this area following our trip to Mexico.

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