Monday, June 25, 2007

Pics & News from Centenario, Mexico

FINALLY! As many of you know, I heard from my most wonderful husband Sunday evening. And those of you who know me, know that I was ecstatic! He gave a wonderful report on what has been happening thus far.

When they first pulled into Centenario, they had quite the welcome! Half of the town was waiting for them at the school grounds. Aaron said it was overwhelming! Gee, I wish I could've been there!!!

The team is once again stationed on the school grounds, just like last year. This is just what we had been praying for. They are right in the center of the town, and within walking distance of almost every home. Also, as you will see in some of the pictures, there is a building that they are able to use for Bible school and other teaching times.

Aaron said that they have been blessed with glorious weather! Although it has been hot, there has been continuous cloud cover, and a constant breeze. Also, they have been getting rain showers off and on...just enough to keep the dust under control. This may sound silly, but it is quite a blessing!

Now for the really exciting news! Last year, our cooks name was Carmen. She is an older lady that is very well known in the town. We were able to provide her with a Bible in her language. She seemed very thankful & excited. The "rumor" is that she began reading the scripture and has become very curious. She then passed the Bible to her husband...who is now also wanting to learn more. I say that this is a rumor, because Aaron had not yet had a chance to meet with them and discuss, but had only heard this news from another individual. He and a few others were to meet with Carmen and her husband today. What kind of work is the Lord doing? I can't wait to hear the details!!!!!

Here are a few pics from the first drama performance. It seems that sometimes "drama productions" can be overrated and just a bunch of put on. But my prayer is that you can see what a tool the Freedom drama has been. The people, young and old, come from all over the town to watch and listen. Each time it is performed, one of the team members gives a personal testimony and short message about the saving grace of our God! What a wonderful opportunity! To my understanding, they will be doing the drama at least once each evening. And I also believe they are going to a neighboring town to share with them as well.

I can't wait to see if Aaron is able to send more pics tomorrow! I really enjoy being able to see what is going on there! Here are the rest of the pics that he sent today:

One other note, as you have heard so many times before, Mexicans LOVE soccer! This was used as a great outreach tool last year. Well, yesterday morning, the men from the town gathered together with our team for a great game of soccer! This provides a time to bond with the people and to earn the right to be heard when it comes to the Gospel! Because the men from the town can seem to be more resistant, this game can really help open doors! Praise the Lord!

Please make all of the above mentioned items a matter of prayer this week. It sounds as though the Lord is really working there in Centenario. What a joy for our people to be a part...and to be a part ourselves by lifting them up to our Great God in prayer!~

Someone asked what would be the best day to fast and pray. Aaron's response was that any day would be the best day! Wednesday is their last full day in Centenario, and will be the last opportunity to witness to the people that we have grown to love. They will have to pack up to leave early on Thursday...which will be very emotional!

Well, when I hear more, you will hear more!

Love to you all!


Danny Thompson said...

thanks for the updates. We are very excited here at Fair Grove Baptist to see how God is spreading His good news throughout the world. Our prayers are with the White family, Ken, Diane, and Lauren...and the rest of the team as they minister, that God may use them in a great way to share of His grace. thanks again, and may God bless!

Danny Thompson

Pastor Scott Lee said...

Thanks Rachel,

It is a wonderful blessing to have these pictures and be kept up date!

Pastor Scott