Friday, June 29, 2007

First Post from Home

We have returned home. Our flight out of Houston was delayed about about an hour so...we arrived a little later than normal. The flight was also more "bumpy" than what we were all used to!

First, let me start by saying that I was surprised by all that the Lord did throughout our time together in Mexico. I was telling Ken White that I never would have imaged that this year would have been so amazing! It was incredible.

One of the highlights (and I will include more later), was the the meeting with the village president (Delegado) and the town commissioner. Accompanied by some of the older teenage boys of the town, Ken and I visited these men to discuss our presence within the community. I will telling you more about this later...however...I think that you might be interested to know that we received an official letter from the town requesting our frequent and immediate return! This is such an honor.

Terry's most recent comment couldn't have been more accurate. In his post he mentions exactly what we must consider...that is the consequence of what has been done thorough the work in Centenario, and also the work that has been done in the missionaries. Please be in prayer for many of us as we are struggling with this and seeking the Lord for direction.

Thank you to all of those who have read and kept up with us. A special thanks to all those who have posted comments!

It was once again a great pleasure and joy to work with To Every Tribe Ministries. Rod Conner brought much wisdom to our group, we were blessed to work with/for him.

A special thanks goes out to Evelyn and Carol for all of their hard work as our translators.

Ken and Diane, thank you for your continued support, your heart for truth, and passion for God's glory in all things!

Rick, thank you for pointing us all again to the wonderful joy of praising our creator in Spirit and in Truth.

John and Stephanie, thank you so much for your sweet servant attitudes, hauling our stuff across the country, teaching, working in the medical clinic...and I could go on and on! John...thank you so much for locking the keys in the van. Brother, look what the Lord has done through this providential blessing!!!

Rachel, thank you for being the support behind me...thank you for allowing your hubby to be gone during this time. The Lord has used this time to benefit others as well as me. Thank you so much for keeping the folks here informed on the happenings!!!

Finally, I would like to think the congregation at Rockport for all of their support and prayer! The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful group of people who love the Lord, and love to see the Name of the Lord exalted throughout all the Earth!!!

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