Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I forgot that I had this blog


It has been a while since I have posted something. Thank you all to reminding me of that! This past year I was blessed to be asked to take part in leading some of the camp ministry for the Jefferson Baptist Association. I recently made a post on the Facebook page to those who are listed as "fans" of this ministry. So, you too might be interested in this information.

Blog Post below:

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas time! In looking over some of the highlights of the past year, I want to share my great sense of awe and wonder at the mighty things that the Lord has done in many of your lives this past year. What a privilege it was to serve along other brothers and sisters in the ministry of the Jefferson Baptist Association at Bates Creek Camp.

For the coming year, would you join me in praying over some things that are coming to mind?

1. Oh that we would see a revival among young people in our county! I long for the day that Jonathan Edwards (famous theologian from year’s ago) wrote about. He mentioned that during times of great revival the “young people” stayed up day and night sitting around discussing the excellencies of Christ and how wonderful were the attributes of God! Please join me in praying that Jefferson County, Missouri’s churches would be known for a young people who have “not lifted their souls to an idol” and who praise the Lord with a pure heart! (Psalm 24)

2. Please pray that the Lord would set aside Godly, leaders to serve you all well by being completely consumed with the glory of Christ and because of that, would pour out their hearts and lives in preaching the Gospel that hearts might be converted and that we, as Christians, might be strengthened in a genuine faith.

3. Pray that the Lord would raise up some of you to leave Jefferson County and never come back because the Lord has set you aside to give your life for the cause of Christ in an unreached area as a missionary. During our discussions this past year at camp, I was greatly humbled and overjoyed to hear that this is already a desire for some of you. Lord, please glorify your Name by raising up missionaries to proclaim Your glorious grace to the uttermost parts of the Earth!

There are so many more things that I want to mention, but I will start with these. Please do remember those who are going to be planning for the year to come. I am excited about what I am hearing already.

Your servant,