Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Evening Post

The picture above is our morning devotion time with Billy leading a session on God's Passion for a Pure people.

Today we settled our lesson plans, had some time to relax for a little bit, practice the drama, and we are getting ready to wind down for the day.

This evening Ken led us in a great lesson on the New Covenant in the blood of Jesus. After, the small groups met to discuss this and we are planning a prayer meeting tonight. After the small groups meet we are going to spend as much time necessary to seek the Lord and pray for his intervention to move us as a team and also to go before us to the ministry site in Mexico.

Our schedule for tomorrow will include morning devotion by Denny, followed by preparing of music. We have an afternoon session from Rick and the meeting with the other mission teams at a church in Los Fresnos. We will return to the hotel tomorrow night one last time before we head in to Mexico early Saturday morning. Parents - We will be calling you Saturday morning before we cross the border. After this point if you need to contact us in an emergency, please contact Rachel.

While we are in Mexico, Rachel will be helping me post information as I will be sending prayer requests and pictures live from Centenario and the rest of the Mezquital region.

We appreciate all of your prayers! The Lord is Good! Praise the Lord!

On behalf of the other missionaries,


Terry Delaney said...

Brother, I am praying with you and the team as you begin to work towards the harvest. Praise God for open doors and His sovereign hand in all things!

Check out my blog for a quote I found while reading "The Hidden Life of Prayer." It might be of some help to some in Mexico as it was to me tonight, Lord willing.

Rachel Sutton said...

Hi kiddos (big and small)~ Just wanted to say that the knight shirts look great! I hope they are more comfy than those vests! I am so jealous that I can't be with you...and that I don't get any Promised Land milk! LOL!
I am praying that the Lord would provide the school grounds again this is such a great meeting place for all of the peeps to meet up! And there's also the great the toilet! Anyhow, I love you all, and will continue praying for safety, boldness, and open hearts! Love you!


Rachel Sutton said...

Elizabeth! I see you! I am so happy to see that you are taking part in the drama! How wonderful!