Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We are just about four weeks away from another trip to Centenario, Mexico. Please be in prayer for the team that will be attending:

  • Aaron Sutton (me)

  • Rick Clausel

  • Robby Wann

  • Ruben Moreno

  • Irian Hernandez

I was reminded of the trip yesterday when I received a video from my friend John. Below you will find a video of a mission trip he participated in this year. Perhaps watching this will help you understand the magnitude of the needs that we have in just walking distance from the United States of America.

We still have some needs with our trip this November. These needs reflect our objective for this year. If you are interested in assisting with these, or would like more information, please contact our church office at (636) 464-1460, visit our church website @ or contact our church secretary directly at

Needs for this November:

  • We would like to take a bulk of "Ultimate Questions" books in Spanish.
  • We still need approximately $600.00 to help cover costs of airfare, ground transportation, supplies, and food. Any left over money will be used to go toward our trip in the Spring. (February 28 - March 3, 2008)
  • Case of Bibles
  • Teams of people to be praying for our team as we share the gospel one on one with the people with whom we are already connected.
  • We are forming the teams for our trips for Summer 2008. Space is limited. You will need to complete an "Application for Consideration", as well as the "TETM Application." Both of these can be obtained by contacting the church office or by visiting our website @

More information to come! We will also be sending updates while we are in Centenario, so please remember to check in so that you can know specifically how to pray for and rejoice with us!

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