Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update on Spanish Service

It has been a while since I have updated everyone on where we are on the Spanish service at Rockport. We have been going by the name of "Iglesia Bautista Rockport" for quite some time now. (For those who don't know...this means "Rockport Baptist Church." We are often asked the question "what does 'Rockport' mean?" doesn't really translate all that well, so..we have decided to look at changing the name to something that would hopefully reflect our mission as well as would help native Spanish speakers identify with this theme. So, it looks like we are headed for changing the name to "Iglesia Bautista Gracia Soberana" or "Sovereign Grace Baptist Church." I hope to share more information with you about this very soon!

Another exciting thing that has been going on is with the Pastor that has been helping us out. Pastor Marco Sanchez has been assisting by preaching, teaching, and visiting regular attenders. In addition, we have been able to have great discussions over people such as the great missionary William Carey and men such as C.H. Spurgeon, Martin Luther, etc. This is exciting.

I would like to thank all of those who have put together time in copying/labeling Cds, DVDs and other items. Brother Sanchez was commenting last Wednesday on the fact that he was challenged by a message by Paul Washer. This message was preached in Texas and in Spanish is called "Christ Died for Us" or "Cristo Murio por Nosotros."

Please pray as we make transitions and seek the Lord on how to continue.

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