Saturday, August 4, 2012

US/Mexico Border update

As the group assigned to the US/Mexico border closes for this month, we would like to give you a quick, preliminary report.

First, our team was assigned to a congregation in San Juan (near Donna), Texas to conduct a Vacation Bible School (for all ages, including adults). We are very thankful to this congregation and their warm reception, hospitality, and hard work during the event. This congregation recently lost their building due to the lack of funds being able to provide necessary maintenance. They have been meeting in a member's home and have being going strong ever since.

Our first night of VBS there were 76 people present. Over 15 of them were adults many of which were not regular attendees of any church. On the second night three adults in the class made public professions of repentance of sin and faith in Christ Jesus. We are thankful for Iglesia Cristo El Rey for them to allow us to use their van this week to help with the transportation.

We have been blessed by the opportunity to share books and Bibles with different individuals. Through giving received others were provided with the Scriptures in the modern Spanish language. We also provided a soon to be married couple with a copy of Pipers "This Momentary Marriage." There are others who received various copies of other books by Sproul and Piper.

We will begin our return to the St. Louis area tomorrow afternoon following celebrating with our friends at Iglesia Cristo El Rey. We will share more information on the trip in the days to come.

Once again, we are thankful to each and every one of you that pray for us on a regular basis and for those who are able to "hold the rope."

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