Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A few updates from the Hospital

Update on Dad 9/7/2007

Dad has been up and sitting in his chair. He asked me to take some pictures and pass them along to everyone! He is looking so much better and is sounding really good! I got to hear him speak last night and that was very encouraging. I spoke with mom on the phone this morning and found out that the doctors saw dad this morning and capped his traech tube, which is allowing him now to speak easier.

Thank you again for all of those who have sent cards, made visits, etc. They have been much appreciated. Please continue to pray for mom and dad as they have a long recovery together in the future. As it stands right now he may be in the hospital for several more days because the doctors would like for him to walk around the building and see how he responds to this.

There are some more prayer requests to pass along. The doctors did notice an irregular heart beat last night. They also reported one while he was in intensive care, therefore they are going to run some testing to ensure that this is not a problem. It very well could be just a response from the pain.

For those who are new to reading the blog, or for those who have not had a chance to read this article, I would like to share with you a wonderful piece for you to read regarding the glory of God in cancer. It is an article by John Piper, and it is entitled "Don't Waste Your Cancer." I beg you to please read this article, I believe that it will benefit you greatly.

Dad is open to visitors now, so please feel free to stop by and see how he is doing. (He will need the practice talking!!!)

A man named "Adam"

While we were in the surgery waiting room on Thursday, I met a man named "Phil" who was waiting while his young son was in surgery. We would later find out that he would be in the same Intensive Care Unit. On Monday I went to the Intensive care unit and could not find Phil, but I did find his sister-in law and visited with her. She told me that Phil had explained that I had been coming by to pray with them. She explained to me that she is concerned that Phil would not leave the hospital, most likely because five months ago his wife died suddenly at the hospital while he was away for lunch. She had undiagnosed cancer and died shortly after being admitted. She went on to tell me that she just wanted Adam to be able to open his eyes because he has been in a coma for over two weeks. So, I prayed with Adam and asked the Lord to open his eyes, prayed for the family, and asked God to show the family that He is more than worthy of their praise. After this, I left for lunch.

Upon returning from lunch, I visited with mom and dad for a moment. When the nurses came in to do some work on dad, I stepped out and went to the ICU unit to see if I could catch up with Phil before I left the hospital. I picked up the hospital phone to call the unit and asked to visit with Phil and Adam. Moments later, the unit doors flung open wide, Phil was briskly walking toward the doors motioning for me to come back. He grabbed my arm and began explaining to me that his sister-in-law told him that two minutes after I left, Adam opened his eyes and has been alert ever since! Praise the Lord! Please do pray for this family that I might be able to clearly communicate the gospel to them. I have been sharing with them little by little.

In Christ,


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Terry Delaney said...

Wow! We serve an awesome God! Hopefully, if "Phil" is not a believer, God would be so moved as to open his eyes to the glorious truth of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for sharing such an encouraging story of answer to prayer. Wow!