Monday, September 17, 2007

Latest Update on many things...

Mission trip in November

We will be leaving for Mexico on the weekend of November 9th. This will be a short-term trip, only about 3-4 days, but we have a specific agenda that we are going to be keeping (Lord willing). Please pray for those whom we already have contact with. Last night I spoke with Daniel, a 14 year-old young man whom we all got to know very well this past summer. He is looking forward to our group's return to Centenario. Our goal is going to be to have individual conversations with every person that we have a relationship with in this small village.

How can you pray? Here are just a few to mention:

  • Much needed funds for the trip. In addition to our own expenses for airfare, etc., an extra $600.00 would provide us a rental vehicle with insurance, meals, and supplies.

  • Pray for those who are considering going. I am really praying that my dear brother Ken will be able to go with us. Pray that the Lord would move some things around so that he might be able to minister there as well.

  • There are a couple of young men that are considering this trip. I pray that this would be a time for them to share the gospel with other young men in this village, but I pray that this might be a time of growing and maturing in their lives as well.

  • Pray for future missions endeavors to this area. We desire to have full time missionaries in this area and we are asking the Lord to raise up these people and that they might receive the training they need and go!

Update on our Worship Service in Spanish

We had a new couple attend this past Sunday! We had a total of 14 in attendance, and some of the people who have attended in the past, did not show up! Please continue to pray for this ministry and that the Lord would continue to grow his church. Our new couple this week asked if we would consider having a Sunday School class following our morning service. We are in desperate need of another teacher that can speak fluent Spanish.

We are also working at putting together a worship band. We already have 4 people that will be playing on a regular basis.

Update on Dad

Dad is home from the hospital now. He is resting and recuperating at our apartment here in St. Louis. Thank you all for your support and prayer. In about 6 weeks, dad will begin the radiation therapy.

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