Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Morning Post/Prayer Requests

We had a great time worshiping in the Word last night. Bro. Paul Washer brought the Word from Matthew Chapter 5:1-2. Specifically he focused on the grace of God that would cause Him to "sit down, and open His mouth."

Brothers and sisters, this was a great message. I hope that you have the opportunity to listen to this at or you will check out the Cds that will be available in the Rockport library.

Prayer Requests

There are many requests that we have been praying over. For those who faithfully read this blog, I am going to ask you to put a few items on the front burner.
  • Pray for those who are in attendance. Specifically those who are here from Rockport (or with us) Cyndi, Rob, Robby, Aaron W., Irian, Brady, Stephanie, Molli, Maggi, Mayci, Marie, and, of course, me.
  • For those who could not make it. -- Rachel is home with Olivia...we think that Rachel has pneumonia. Pray for Jonathan. He is lost and doesn't care. Oh Lord, his heart!
  • For the speakers, Jeff Noblitt, Paul Washer, and others.
  • For the Spanish Service at Rockport tomorrow. This past week we had someone from this service attend one of our Wednesday Night small groups. This was a great step. Irian has been helping me make visits over the past week, and he has done a great job.
  • Our upcoming Hispanic Ministry Meeting with some of the leaders from the Missouri Baptist Convention.
  • Our upcoming Spring Student Conference at Bates Creek Camp. (April 18-19, 2007) We need to find a Christ-honoring speaker for this event.
  • Our upcoming mission work to Mexico. Pray specifically for our team that will be going in February, that they might have success in finding Pastors that would be willing to get together during our trip in June and have Bible study, a time of prayer, and a time of teaching as well. Pray for the finances for several of our team members as there have been some changing in their situations, especially with employment.

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