Thursday, February 28, 2008

Made it into Mexico

Well, Aaron asked me to keep things updated here on the old blog, so...I'll let you know what I know when I know it. For those of you that are the friends & family of John & Charlie, if you want more details, or if you have questions, please leave a comment in response to the messages, including your email address, and I will contact you asap.

The team members met up in Texas today at about noon. They headed for the Enterprise rental to pick up the van, then made their stop at the storage unit to pick up the tents, and finally dashed into Wal-Mart for a few last minute necessities. Everything went well except for the fact that my wonderful hubby left his driver's license at the rental place! EEK! Enterprise was so helpful...they brought the license to him! Soo....all is well. Thank you Lord!

Then it was time to head for the border....finally. They made it across the border at about 5pm. I have not yet heard any details about how they were accepted, but I am certain that the report will be very favorable.

Aaron normally calls me around bedtime when things settle down. However, tonight there seems to be a problem with the phone service. He sent a text message saying that he couldn't get a call to go through. He also said that camp is set up and that they are getting ready to hit the sac.

So, that's all for now. Please continue praying for the people of this village. Carmen is the woman that professed faith in Christ in she ripped the saint of death from around her neck and denounced her previous beliefs. Also, for the school teachers (sorry, I don't know their names,) that they might be saved. They run the school and what a wonderful thing it would be for them to begin teaching the Bible...the the school! Also, for the pastors from neighboring areas that will be joining together to pray & fellowship. This will be a true time of encouragement to them as well.

And last for tonight, please remember the young men/boys that have spent much time listening and discussing and just being open to hearing the Gospel. For much of my life, I was of the belief that a mission trip was going somewhere and trying to get as many people as possible to say a prayer. I now realize that I was totally wrong. DUH! Showing someone Christ can (& does) take time.....and patience.....and persistence! Please pray that the Lord might be Magnified in Centenario this weekend. And that our team's patience & persistence will be seen by the people as nothing less than a sincere desire to show them our LORD!

Love to you all~ Rachel Sutton


angela said...

Hi. Thanks for the update. I'm Angela, Charlie's wife. Its nice to know they are safe and sound. =)

Rachel SUtton said...

Hi Angela! They are having such a great time. I'm going to add more tonight, so I hope you check back.