Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mission to Centenario - February/March 2008

I received some information over the past few days, and would like to pass that information along. First, let me thank you for praying for the team of us that have been working in this area. It is very obvious that you have been praying as the Lord has been moving through your prayers over the past 48 hours especially. Here are some things to mention.

First, I received a message from a teacher near Centenario, in the town of Emilio Zapata. This teacher had previously offered his classroom for us to teach his students whatever we like. He mentioned to me that he is looking forward to our return at the end of this month. (You must know that I haven't heard from this teacher since our trip in June of last year.

Secondly, I received a phone call today from a brother who works in the area and he told me that he mentioned to a few of the local Pastors about the idea of having a "mini conference" for them during our summer trip. The Pastors not only mentioned that they would like to participate, but they would like to contact their Pastor friends and ask them to take part as well. Praise the Lord! I am going to go in to more of this mission idea in future posts. For now, please be in prayer that we might be able to be a blessing to Pastors and congregations in Mexico. Pray that there might be those that will be committed to the true Gospel to partner with us in teaching, preaching, and supporting.

Finally, I am going to ask some of those who have participated in trips before or who will be going with us in the future to write a post on here to share with others the work of the Lord in this region of Mexico! To God Be the Glory.

Rachel will putting together information for you as we will be posting live updates from Mexico during our trip at the end of this month!

In all things...Christ Preeminent!


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