Monday, March 10, 2008

Centenario (Report from February/March Team)

After returning from our trip to Centenario, there are many things that I would like to report. There was a team of 6 who participated. A total of 5 different congregations were represented. Though our focus was the village of Centenario, however we did enjoy spending time with our missionaries Steve and Robin Henry in La Poza, as well as fellowshipping with Iglesia “El Buen Pastor” in San Juan, Mexico.

During our most recent trip we were able to bring a much anticipated Giant Print Bible to Carmen. This is the lady who made a profession of faith during our November trip. We were able to sit down with her and ask her to explain again what she believed happened during that time. She recounted that since that point she has continued to renounce her trust in the things of the world, and specifically the “saint of death” necklace that she took off and gave to us to destroy. She spoke of her faith in Jesus Christ in front of the former director of the school. This really was a great time. She is looking forward to an adult Bible study this summer.

Rockport had also collected money, along with the community, to purchase a much-needed air conditioning unit for the school. John, a member of a congregation in Tennessee, went with me, along with the school teacher and a young man from the village to purchase this item. During the trip John and I shared with the school teacher why we are so committed to the education of the children in the village. We desire that they might be able to be educated so that they may have jobs and provide for their families. We also discussed the greater need and that is that children and adults need to be educated so that they might be able to read and to think through what the Lord has said in His Word! On Sunday, before we left, the teacher came to me and mentioned that the community officials would like to “fix up” a house for us so that we might have a place to shower, and place some of our belongings. This house used to belong to a retired school teacher, who has since moved.

On Sunday I also spoke to the Pastor of a church in San Juan, Mexico. I told him of our desire to be a blessing to the Pastors and church leaders in the area. He was very excited about this and requested more information.

It was a great blessing to have Charlie, John, Michael, Rick, and Irian involved in this trip. Each of them made special connections with the people there! Thank you to all who participated as well as thank you to the congregations and families that made this possible!

There will be more information to come, and I hope that there will soon be posts from the perspective of the other missionaries along on this trip.

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