Saturday, August 16, 2008

I write this post as I am preparing to leave to speak at a Youth Retreat. The basic theme of this retreat is "missions on campus" focusing on areas that these young men and women have grown over the summer and now will be returning to their schools this fall. This theme excites me because it is all about missions.

Though missions is not our ultimate aim, it is incredible to be a part of what does bring about the ultimate aim of the church which is, the Worship of God. Missions is only temporary...we will only have missions as long as this world lasts, but Worship of the living God will last forever. We will never stop doing that! Missions exists because Worship does not exist among every nation, tribe, and tongue. (Thank you John Piper for that great thought!) You can read more about this in his book Let the Nations Be Glad.

It is my prayer that as students are returning to their campuses this fall that they might be consumed with a passion to see the Lord glorified and magnified in the hallways, football teams, school bus, and wherever else they might find themselves!

I hope to add some testimony about the event in the next few days!

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