Sunday, August 10, 2008

Praise Reports from Mexico and Arnold, Missouri

First, I just got off the phone with a man named "Jorge" who came to Rockport before we started our services in Spanish. He was here on a work visa for 6 months and lived in South County. He was referred to me by Kurt McClure and his family who had a connection with the apartments where he was working. He attended Rockport for a few weeks before he returned to Mexico. This man was visited by Ruben Moreno from Corpus Christi, Texas while he was here to share with us. Jorge called me to let me know that almost 2 years later he still is following Christ, and his family has not been so supportive of him. He is back on a temporary work visa in Louisiana. He wanted to call to tell me that he truly believes that the Lord saved him while he was here with us and remembers having great fellowship, especially the meal at the Webers home! He also asked if there is any way that we might consider coming the state of Michoacan, Mexico to encourage the saints and work among the people there. Praise the Lord!

Second. Some of you all might Eneida. She attended our Spanish service for a while, went with her kids and others to go camping with many others from Rockport, and has since returned to Mexico. I want you all to know that Eneida keeps in contact with us, letting us know that she too came to know the Lord while she was here among us, and is now faithfully serving Christ in a congregation in Mexico!

I received a phone call today as soon as I got to the picnic. It was a call from someone returning from a mission trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. They received a lot of persecution from the people of the village, but they found sweet fellowship with some brothers who are pastors of evangelical churches outside of this particular village in La Barra de la cruz. The pastors asked this particular missionary if it would be possible to return with some sort of teaching and instruction for them as Pastors. The phone call today was a request for such an event.

Finally, we had a new visitor at the Spanish service this morning. He even came back for our picnic this afternoon and brought his five year-old son. I don't know much about this man yet except that he tells me that he is born again, was able to have a good conversation about the Scriptures this afternoon and is excited about going to a church that is closer to his home. He previously attended a Hispanic Southern Baptist Congregation in the north St. Louis County area, which is a long hall from where he lives.

We also saw David back at the Spanish service this morning and that was a real blessing.

Thank you Rockport for praying, giving, and going. I pray that this testimony might encourage the saints and stir us up unto further good works!


Jason Vaughn said...
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Jason Vaughn said...

Amen brother. Amen and amen and amen.

What a glorious testimony to what God is doing. That is truly encouraging.