Friday, March 16, 2012

Update from Iglesia Cristo El Rey

It is now Friday morning and we are preparing for our last teaching day with our Bible Study "Dios Siempre Gana" or "God Always Wins." Last night it sounds like there was a record set with attendance as, with counting our team (of 11), we had 96 people in attendance! Yesterday's study was "God Wins in the End - The last battle." Today we are going to ask the question "Who's side are you on?" Please pray as today is the final teaching of the series.

Other items of interest include:

  • The workers and muchachos have been challenged to learn 5 memory verses. Many have done so!
  • We have also challenged them with learning the Baptist catechism question "Are there more Gods than one." The answer to the question is "No. There is only One True and Living God." (Of course they are learning this in Spanish).
  • We have handed out books by John Piper called "Para tu gozo" or "For Your Joy" and the Mathaias Media tract "Two Ways to Live." From your generous support of Psalm 67 Missions Network we have been able to make these purchases.
  • Two young men (Mario and Enrique) have been helping us on a daily basis with translation when passing out flyers in the community, please pray for them.
There are many more points to mention, stay tuned!

In all things...Christ preeminent!


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