Monday, November 5, 2012

Decision 2012 Facebook posts

Here are some thoughts concerning the 2012 elections.

To my fellow Evangelical friends: Wise people have said before that people will remember what we are excited about. I would challenge all of us tomorrow to think about what we have said about this USA election and specifically about who wins and who looses. Do people that see things completely different from us see the love of Christ in us? Are we standing for truth, in love? Is it absolutely clear that our hope is in Jesus Christ and not in any political party or presidential candidate? Have we spread gossip, slander, and misused other's names? If so, may we lead in repentance and pray that the change that this great nation needs, begins in you and me.

Other thoughts on Decision 2012: If you consider yourself a Christian, would you say that you love your enemy (aka - the political party/candidate with whom you disagree)? Would others believe you by the way you talk about them? Are we sure that the adds that we have seen accurately portray the other person? Are we sure that the gossip we have heard accurately portray the other person? Let's assume all the dirty things are true. Does that give us the right to "hate" them. Just think about the fact that the rest of the world is watching us to see whether or not the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. We may say that we do not "hate" anyone, but speaking from personal experience, it is obvious to others when our words and actions say something totally different.

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