Saturday, November 10, 2012

Do they know us by the t-shirts that we wear?

For my fellow Christian friends - I was just reading an e-mail update from a well-run business that I oftentimes patronize. In reading their update it occurred to me that this business is seeking to become "all things to all people" that they might win (and I believe serve) their customers with their (in my opinion) worthy product. It then occurred to me how much I lack in modeling that I may become all things to all people that I might win some to Christ. Rather, it seems that it is far too easy for me to "hate some" that I might show others that I belong to Christ. To think this way certainly is to think against the plain teaching of the Scripture and certainly is not the way of Christ. Oh friends, let's learn new languages, let's enjoy people from other cultures, let's get to know people whose sin is an offense and not sin with them, but love them, give our lives for them, pray for them, and encourage them to seek Christ, while He may be found!

Let's become friends of sinners, let's love them genuinely...not because we want something! Let's value all people, regardless if they hate us, make fun of us, ridicule, or persecute us! Let's leave judgement and wrath to God and free ourselves to be a servant of all people! Pray for me, that I might grow in this!

Let's become all things to all people, not as an "end in itself" but that we might win some for Christ!

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