Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Update on Worship Service In Spanish

A New Contact

Well, tonight's service went very well and we have a new participant in our Tuesday night Bible Study. How did this come about? Well, we received a phone call from a young lady that said that she had been praying for a long time that she could find a Bible believing church where she could connect. She recognized that there are many Catholic congregations, but she attended a Baptist Church in Mexico, and desired to be part of an Evangelical church here in the United States. She had been praying about this and then she saw our flyer posted in a Mexican grocer.

This young lady's name is Yaneli, and please pray for her. Also, pray that the Lord might use her to help reach out to other Hispanics in the area.

Daniel brought an excellent sermon tonight regarding the foundational doctrine of the Trinity. Please continue to pray for him and his congregation as he is pulled in many different directions but is very much committed to assisting us with this work in Arnold.

Prayer requests
  • Armando - He is working different hours and right now is not able to come on Tuesday nights.
  • David - He has made a commitment to come...if we could have a service on Sunday mornings.
  • Jesus - He mentioned to me tonight that he would be interested in changing his work days or perhaps attending a service on Sunday morning.
  • Possibility of a Sunday Morning Service - The need for this appears to be common with several people now. Right now we would have to start early, end early, partly because people would have to go to work, and the other part is we simply do not have the space at Rockport.
  • Potential English Classes - This is a desire of some, and in talking with Daniel, we believe that this should be a ministry to those who are attending. However, we would again be pressed for time, teacher, and resources.
Thank you all for those who follow up on this ministry. Please continue to pray earnestly for resources (both laborers and funding).

In Christ,


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