Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Baby is coming!!!

Tonight we go to the hospital! We are really excited...but nervous...all at the same time. The hospital is going to call us when they are ready for us to come. When the baby arrives, we will post pictures here for all to see!!! (Thank you Terry for your help with this!!)

Please be in prayer for my father, Jim...well and also for my mother Linda. The doctor's have located a tumor in the back of his skull. Right now we do not know if it is cancerous. He is scheduled for an MRI in Cape Girardeau early Friday. He is going to be transfered next week to St. Louis to have surgery.

Please also continue to pray for Rick. The doctors are continuing to run tests, but as of this moment, they are not exactly certain what type of infection he has. At first the hospital thought he would be released today, but this is not likely.

Finally, please be in prayer for the meeting today with the Spanish Language mission.

Love in Christ,

Aaron and Rachel

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