Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Prayer Requests for Today

There are many things going on at this time...and I would like to fill everyone in so that you all may be in prayer.

First...please be in prayer for Rick. Since returning from Mexico he has been sick and has been in the hospital. Now, don't freak out because he is doing better and the doctor's believe that he contracted something viral from a mosquito while in Texas.

Second, please remember my father in prayer. For over a year now he has been having problems with his jaw. The doctors have been treating him for TMJ and this is not helping. After a visit with the specialist today he has an MRI scheduled for Friday morning and pending transfer to Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis. (He is facing potential surgery on his jawbone)

Rachel and I will be going in to the hospital tomorrow evening. If she does not go in to labor tomorrow evening then the doctor will induce her on Thursday morning. We are so excited! I cannot even begin to tell you all how we are feeling over this! Praise the Lord!

Please be in prayer for the Spanish Language ministry at Rockport. We have a brother from Honduras, his name is Manuel, and he is going to be assisting Daniel and I in the ministry here. He is searching for a permanent position as a Pastor somewhere in the United States. We are praying that perhaps he might be able to connect with a congregation in need of someone. Also pray because we need some people to help show him around the St. Louis area and take him to some Hispanic populated areas where he might make contacts for us.

Regarding our mission trip to Mexico I have several thoughts. Pray for those of us who sense an obligation now to the ministry there. Pray for the leaders and the students of To Every Tribe Ministries. Members from two congregations are really praying and seeking the Lord on how we might minister effectively and provide the necessary support to Centenario until a permanent missionary team can be placed there! To God be the Glory! (There is more to come on this issue.)

Finally, I would like to encourage you to read Bob Schembre's blog entry regarding worship. This is my dear brother in the faith. He and his precious wife have been such a blessing. His exposition on the scriptures will profit your soul. Brother, thank you so much for your years of service to the ministry of our Lord!

Que Dios Les Bendiga,


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