Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More "traditional" Forms of Evangelism???

I must say, when I saw this article, I laughed at first, and then I will filled with sadness. Below you will find a excerpt from "Baptist Press News" from July 19, 2007.

LISBON, Portugal (BP)--What do missionaries do when serving in a
self-reliant urban location where the residents have little patience for gospel
tracts, EvangeCubes and other traditional forms of evangelism?

They find the nearest café, order espresso and a pastry, and spend time
getting to know one of the locals. Ideally, the small talk turns to spiritual
matters and presents an opportunity to share a personal testimony or even the
plan of salvation. But perhaps the conversation simply opens the door to a
deeper friendship, growing trust and future occasions to share the Word of
A team of 14 LifeWay Christian Resources employees received a crash
course in this type of relational evangelism during a LifeWay-sponsored mission
trip to Lisbon, Portugal in June.
"It isn't traditional evangelism -- it's
just life," said Scott George, team leader for the International Mission Board's
Young Lisbon ministry and contact for the LifeWay team. "Our bread and butter is
the relationship and reaching the people that the church doesn't
Lisbonites, he added, take part in an average of 68 positive
spiritual conversations before they come to a relationship with Christ.

Now...I could just stop here because you probably already see the problem with this. What in the world are people talking about when they say that "gospel tracts" and "evangecubes" are "TRADITIONAL" forms of evangelism and that intelligent, relational conversation and commitment are somehow a new concept in reaching the loss.

Brothers and Sisters we are in a sad state. We have generations of people who don't even have a clue of what real evangelism is. What is worse, I am finding groups of people who consider themselves "conservative" and they are attacking people that are advocating for relational Biblical-approached evangelism.

I pray that there might be an explosion of real mission efforts that seek to take the Christ of the Scriptures to the hard places and proclaim him and not just an image on an "evangecube." May we be those who proclaim the whole counsel of God and proclaim a salvation due to the finished work of Christ!

Not familiar with an evangecube...here's the scoop from lifewaystores.com (I've included the picture above.)
Clip it on your belt, fasten it to your backpack, or carry it as a keychain! The
EvangeCube keychain is a unique way to present the Gospel of Jesus to anyone!

What are your thoughts? Evangecube...traditional form of evangelism? More to come...


Terry Delaney said...

I have discovered that bluntness works best. It keeps me from trying to "close the deal" and allows the Holy Spirit to do His work in their hearts.

i have found that this supposed new approach of relational evangelism is abused to the point that sometimes no evangelism even takes place. "The relationship just did not allow for me to share the gospel," some might say. What could be more important than telling someone they are going to spend an eternity in Hell regardless of what they think or believe if they have not placed their faith in Christ alone?

I think it is a worse sin to not share the gospel with our family, friends, and acquaintances.

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