Thursday, August 2, 2007

My dad...

My family has been on a roller-coaster over the past year or so undergoing tests. He has been to several different specialists, treated for TMJ, been to dentists, neurologists, etc. Finally after almost 2 years of testing…his doctor has told him that apparently other doctors have been looking in the wrong area…it is s tumor under the tongue and he is very certain it is cancer.

My parents asked the doctor to make it plain to them and the doctor in Cape Girardeau has told him that he will defiantly loose his jaw bone and most, if not all of his tongue. He is also going to have to undergo chemotherapy.

My reaction? I know that that there will be times of overwhelming emotion very soon. However, I am asking for something specific. John Piper wrote an article entitled "Don't Waste Your Cancer" as he was undergoing treatment. Keeping this in mind, I would like to ask for prayer in this area.

First, of course, I am praying that this is not cancer, and when they come to the hospital next week (St. Louis University…thank you Rob and Kristi) the doctor confirm that it is a non-cancerous tumor. Secondly, I am praying that no matter what…the Lord will bring many in my family to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Can I ask for a favor? Would it be possible for people to write notes of encouragement to my parents? Their names are Jim and Linda. I am praying that they might find strength and comfort in the Lord alone. I pray that the Lord might provide this time for them not to waste this opportunity to embrace the Sovereign Lord for help in our most desperate time of need.

In all things…Christ preeminent!


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