Friday, August 3, 2007

Shocking Message by Paul Washer...Please Watch!!

I would like to take this time to ask you to please consider watching this film. It is about the most shocking and most convicting sermon that I have ever heard in my life. I would ask that you please consider inviting others, especially young people, to listen to this message.

This is an intense message delivered by Paul David Washer of Heartcry Missionary Society to a youth conference in 2002.

Feel free to leave comment and to discuss.

In all things…Christ preeminent!



Anonymous said...

Never thought i could watch a video that could make me nearly cry!!!!


UK Chap said...

I'm getting sick of this Washer guy being praised around the web.

As far as I can see he is a loud, manipulative, fear-inducing bully whos message is conform to his narrow brand of reformed fundamentalism or burn in Hell.
He doesn't quite match Jonathan Edwards (puritan fire and brimstone preacher who was in love with the doctrine of Hell) though he's still pretty awful. The word 'Pharisee' came to my mind quite a bit when watching his sermon.

I fear that the forceful and generalised way he puts across his message might turn many Christians obsessively introspective, asking themselves questions such as ‘Am I Holy enough?’ and wondering if maybe they are on their way to hell because they forgot to pray on one occasion or had a negative thought that day or because they think they don't love Jesus enough or because they’re not out in Peru, Kenya China etc. being a missionary etc.
Our works are not sufficient for our salvation – Christ’s blood is.

To quote N.T. Wright:

"I don’t find in the New Testament any suggestion that the visible church ought to be composed of guaranteed one-hundred-per-cent soundly converted keen Christians. If it had been, half of the epistles would not have been necessary. Yet people are always hankering after a false security, such as you would get from belonging to a church that could be seen to be all right, seen to be ‘sound’…seen? We walk by faith, not by sight. Any attempt to get a purer church, or Christian life, than we have been promised this side of heaven, runs the risk of attempting to base security, assurance of salvation, on something other than the free grace and love of God."

I think washers kind of preaching has probably caused more folks to walk away from faith than do the opposite.

Now, I'm certainly not into prosperity preachers or easy belivism (whatever that is). The Christian life is all about discipleship and costly grace. However, I find that Washers approach turns God into some angry tyrant who is ultimatley against us rather than for us. A strap line for such a God would be 'get out of line or I'll bash you!' After all, it was because God so loved the world, not hated, that he sent his son.

Anonymous said...

regardless, everything he says is the truth. people who deny his message are the people he is talking about. those are the people afraid of his message. they get defensive because they know its true. its simple. read the bible. its in there.