Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Missions, Mexico, 2008, Prayer request, Hurricane Dean...and more

First, the hurricane, if you didn't already know, is no longer expected to reach anywhere near the Mezquital region of Mexico. In fact, the area it did hit in Mexico is a very rural, unpopulated area where everyone evacuated. Praise the Lord!

On Sunday evening, I spoke with Daniel from Centenario. It was good to hear his voice and to visit with him. He, of course, wanted to know when we were going to return. I was very firm with him that I would not speak to that because I do not want to say something and then it not be able to come true. He understood. However, he did state that he is looking forward to our return. Please pray for this young man, my hope is that in November, I can have some time to speak with him further about the gospel. We had great discussion about the gospel over the summer, so the door is opened.

You said November?
Yes, please pray that the funds and the right airfare will come along because I will be making a return trip to Centenario the weekend of November 9, 2007. I have not explained this yet to Daniel or others in the area because I have not purchased the tickets or finalized the arrangements.

What about missions for next summer.
I had a great conversation with Rod Conner from To Every Tribe Ministries. I expressed our desire to bring two groups down during the summer next year, with the following changes. (This is a great new direction).
  • Our desire is to put together two teams of 25 people each
  • Each team will spend 1.5 days in Texas for training, teaching, praying, and we would like to have a tour of the School for Pioneer Church planting.
  • Each team will serve one full week in Mexico rather than 4 days.
  • We will do our own orientation and our own arrangements. There will be no day before and day after meetings.
  • We will also take teams down at various other times, as necessary, possible, and feasible.

So, I have two sets of dates that we are proposing for the trip next summer. They will be available very soon, so please check back! (I hope to have the dates posted this week, but next week at the latest). The application for consideration (new form) will be available online by this Friday, perhaps sooner.

How can you pray?

  • We need the participants for the trip.
  • We need financial assistance for those who have gifts that can be used, but yet are short on funds.
  • Pray for the people that we already know, that we will continue to work with. (Daniel, Ivar, Carlos, Mitchel, and others!)
  • Pray for the village "delegado" and the commissioner. Pray that we will continue to be welcome back to their village and that we might be a blessing to them.
  • Pray over the fact that many people are trapped by the lie of Catholicism. I understand that this statement might be offensive, however I don't know how else to explain it. It is quite possible that we will come in to conflict with others as we discuss this.
  • Pray that we will have the boldness to understand that the gospel is going to be an offense. People will be offended, but we should not shrink in fear or neglect preaching the whole counsel of God.
  • Did I mention, we need participants? Consider whether or not you have the gifts that are necessary for the trip. I will list them in a later post.

How can I get more information about future mission opportunities?

Visit - http://groups.google.com/group/rbc-missions

Thank you all for your prayer and support! Rachel, Olivia, and I do value this very much. We are all doing well. Please also pray for us as dad's surgery is next week. That is going to be heavy on our minds, and if you have a moment and can pray for us specifically next Thursday, August 30, it would be much appreciated. This is the day of the surgery and it is going to be a very, very long day.

In all things...Christ preeminent!


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