Monday, August 13, 2007

An update on some things....

First, for those who have been wondering about Dad's will be August 30th. I want to personally thank everyone who has opened up their homes, and those who have written letters to my parents during this difficult time. This past Saturday we had a wonderful time with them because we were able to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

For those interested in the Hispanic Ministry in Arnold...please continue to pray that we might have more and more opportunities for evangelism throughout the week. Sunday we had our first family (husband, wife, and son) attend our 8:00am service!) We are very excited about this and we had two new contacts this week, so pray as we follow up with them.

In the area of Student Ministry, I am working with a few others in putting together a monthly gathering of high school/twenty something students. The purpose for this gathering would be for cooperate worship, teaching/preaching, prayer, and intelligent conversation. Not really sure how things are going to work out...but we are going to start with just one meeting...sometime in September...and see where things lead from there.

Finally, regarding missions to Mexico, I need you to pray for a group of us that have been traveling to and from Centenario, Mexico. Here is what is before us. We are considering how we will be involved in the future, and the financing for future trips. Our intent would not be to set up permanent residence, but to evangelize and train so that native inhabitants may then, in turn, lead the church and participate in future missions.

For now, we are looking for the teams and the finances for a weekend trip this fall, over the winter, and in the Spring. We have a team for the Spring, and we are looking now to set the date. For those who might be reading this and would like to be considered to be part of a missions team, you will soon be able to find an application for consideration on I hope to have it available sometime this week.


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