Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean could be headed for familiar territory

The information include here is from the Nation Hurricane Center. The track of this storm leads to the most probably direct hit in the Mezquital region of Mexico.

This area includes the villages of Media Luna, La Poza, and Centenario. All of these villages are areas where we worked over the past three summers.

Please remember these people in prayer as they are preparing for what could be a devastating situation. Most areas are still not fully recovered from the great Hurricane that hit 2 years ago.

Also, Rachel and I have some friends are are located in downtown Cancun. We are going to try to contact them before time for the storm to hit that part of Mexico.

I will try to keep posts here as I get information. Though the map right now shows what could be a direct hit, things change at just a moment's notice. As in all things, the Lord is in control!

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