Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trip to Thebes, Illinois and an update on Dad

This past weekend, Rachel, Olivia, and I made a trip to my hometown, Thebes, IL. Nothing much has changed since the last time, sure there has been some additions to the town, some more "small town controversies", but that was really about it. Something that strikes me in this small little town of 500, is poverty, houses falling apart, and kinds roaming the streets with no direction in life, little or no supervision or care. It's kind of sad if you think about it, because it is just a continuous lifestyle that many people in this area continue to live. This once thriving little town, formally the county seat for Alexander county, Illinois, now gone down hill in many areas, though there are some that do not fit this description.

It reminds me of how quickly our own hearts turn from that which is good, sufficient, satisfying, and turn to that which is harmful. This is no new problem, it has been going on for a long time. If we too are not careful, we will find our hearts wondering away from the truth of Christ and find ourselves wanting to have the "easy life" with no struggle, no responsibility, and the end will lead in destruction. Our entire culture has been infected by this lazy, lackadaisical mindset. Is some ways you can see this is the "effeminate slackness" in men in our society. We have just set back, and let things just happen. We have lived our lives with the philosophy of "'m ok, your okay and we will both be the same, if you stay out of my way." Sad...devastating.

Why am I saying all of this, well...my prayer for the village of Thebes is that they may turn to Christ. Pray for the ministry of the First Baptist Church and their Pastor Carl Fisher. Pray that in the midst of this small community that there would be a great awakening to truth and that the culture would be transformed as a result.

Update on Dad

Mom and Dad will be coming in to St. Louis today to settle in over the next few weeks. They would like me to thank all of those who have sent letters and cards of encouragement and exhortation. We will need your prayer and support over the next several months, because this is going to be one of the most, if not the most, difficult experience that we have gone through to this point.

Dad will go to the doctor tomorrow and have his final visit to prepare him for surgery. At 8:00am on Thursday, the doctor's will begin the 10-14 hour surgery. I will try to keep people updated on how things are going. I don't know how to say this any more lovingly than this, please check here for updates, because I am not sure how many phone calls that I will be making during this time. I hope that you all understand.

Following surgery, dad will be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks. (The doctor does not want him to remain there longer because of the risk of staff infections.) After this, mom and dad will remain with us for a while since they will have follow up visits.

Please pray for my family that will be here. There are several people who do not known Christ. They have never trusted in his loving kindness that has been extended to all who believe.


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Terry Delaney said...


I thank you for your heart in sharing with us about not only your home town but also your mom and dad as well as your own family. You have (and continue to do so) touched my walk with Christ in many ways. It is an honor to be able to join many of Christ's soldiers to pray for your family and all the endeavors He has in store for you and your own family. God bless you brother.