Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mission to Centenario this Weekend

We are just a few hours from boarding the plane that will take us to southern Texas to spend the night and enter Mexico on Friday morning. I am going to include some specific areas where you can be praying for us in the next few days.

Our trip over the summer ended with the discussion of why we do not believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe. We also had a closing time with the people and shared with the community why we labor in making frequent trips to their village. The message was plain and simple, "that they may believe in Christ, and by believing in Him, have life in His Name."

Therefore, our primary goal with this small group is to follow up on the question, "If we do not believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe, then who do we believe?" This is going to be accomplished by small group discussions and individual conversations.

I would ask that you please pray about these details. Should their be people saved, our focus will immediately be discipleship and future missions would be to encourage these new believers, teaching them and walking with them as the Lord builds a community of believers. (I am getting chills just thinking about this!)

We are also going to have a storage facility available in southern Texas , and this will be a huge blessing. It will be great to have the ability to have people send supplies to a direct address in Texas and we will also be able to store items that cause problems for us to transport by airplane (tents, storage containers, etc.)

I ask you to please set aside some family time this weekend to be praying for us. Pray about the Lord's work in these areas and for wisdom as how to continue. Pray for the groups that are forming for next summer. We need people that are gifted in the areas of hospitality, evangelism, teaching, light construction (if necessary), recreation, and many other areas. We specifically could use those of you who are older than 30 years old!!!

Thank you so much for supporting these missions in the past and for your current support. We looking forward to giving report to the congregation upon our return. We will be sharing some of the information during our Spanish service at 8:00am on November 18th

Rachel is going to help keep everyone updated by keeping in touch with us while in Mexico. We will be sending more specific prayer requests, pictures, and testimony.

Finally, pray for permanent missionaries to this area. Pray for the people at To Every Tribe. I am specifically praying that Lord would supply their needs, and that He might provide laborers to go to the field to harvest! To God be the Glory!!!

In Christ,


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