Sunday, January 6, 2008

February Trip to Mexico

Below is some of a e-mail that I sent to our missions team at Rockport. Please consider praying over the future ministry of missions in Mexico. I am really praying that the Lord would expand the ministry efforts to encouraging and supporting the Pastors in the small, rural communities in Mexico where there is no access to Biblical training.

Here are some other areas where you can be praying about the future of the ministry in Mexico.
  • Pray that the Lord would provide funding for those who have gifts that can be used in these trips, but do not have the funds.
  • Pray that we might be provided a vehicle (such as an old suburban) that would be able to help provide transportation while in Mexico.
  • Pray for the needed funds for books, materials, and supplies.
  • Finally, pray that the Lord would put together a strong team for this summer. Especially those gifted in teaching, leading, willing to do VBS style ministry, women's ministry, and ministry to Pastors and leaders.
When I return to Mexico at the end of February, one of the things that we are going to do is link up with Evangelical Pastors that would be interested in meeting together for prayer. I would also like to supply them with some books for a personal library that will be for their benefit. There is a congregation in Tennessee that would like to partner with us in this endeavor. Below are the books, not including a commentary, Bible dictionary, and concordance, that Heart Cry Missionary Society supplies to their Pastor's network in Peru.

Afectos Religiosos - Edwards (Religious Affections)
Caminando con Dios - Ryle (Practical Religion)
Contentamiento Cristiano - Burroughs (Christian Contentment, a Rare Jewel)
Fe Bíblica e Histórica del Evangelio - various authors (The Biblical and Historic Faith of the Gospel)
Gloria de Cristo - Owen (Glory of Christ)
Misterio de la Providencia - Flavel (Mystery of Providence)
Mortificación del Pecado - Owen (Mortification of Sin)
Rasgos Distintivos del Verdadero Cristiano - Spring (Distinctive Traits of True Christian Character)
Remedios Preciosos contra las Artimañas del Diablo - Brooks (Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices)
Sobre la Tentación – Owen (On Temptation)

In addition to these, I would like to provide CD's of Paul Washer's sermons in Spanish. (Though some of the Pastors may not have access to a CD player.)

What do you all think about this idea? Is this something that we should pursue? I think that the books (without the commentaries, dictionary, and concordance) will cost about $40.00 per pastor.

The objectives for this trip would be:
  • That we would continue our relationship to the community, and concentrate on discipling the lady who professed faith in Christ during our last trip.
  • We would be a blessing to the missionaries that we are already familiar with (Steve and Robin Henry) by taking supplies for their medical clinic, praying with them, and encouraging them. (Or Youth Sunday School classes have adopted them as missionaries so they will be praying for them and will most likely have gifts to deliver to them as well.)
  • We would seek out evangelical Pastors in the area that would like to meet together for prayer and encouragement. Our hope would be to plan a meeting of preaching and praying together during our trip in the summer as an additional avenue of ministry for our teams.
Okay...I know that I have given you a lot of information here. What are your thoughts?

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