Friday, January 25, 2008

Mother Delays Cancer Treatments So Baby Can Live

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you"
Jeremiah 1:5a ESV

It's not very often that you will find a story from the liberal media worth repeating. However, I want to share this with you because I think that it is very timely in light of the Rowe vs. Wade Anniversary. Before you see the article below, I will share with you that the original article can be found at,2933,325458,00.html

Also, I would like to share with you a paraphrase of something that Randy Alcorn mention during the Fall 2007 Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis. He simply asked how we would feel if a random sample of say 30 people from your congregation were singled out to be executed against their own will the following day. What great lengths would you go through to intervene? What would you do if you knew that your tax money was going to support that? Would your response and the response of your congregation be any different? Why or why not?

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Mother Delays Cancer Treatments So Baby Can Live

Expectant mother Lorraine Allard learned the devastating news that she was in the advanced stages of liver cancer when she was four months pregnant, according to the Daily Mail.
Allard, of St. Olaves in the U.K., had a choice: Delay treatment to save her baby, or terminate the pregnancy to save herself.

She chose the former, waiting until the fetus was viable before scheduling a Caesarean section.
"If I am going to die, my baby is going to live," Allard told her husband, Martyn, according to the Mail.

The baby came a week early and Allard, 33, gave birth on Nov. 18 to a healthy but premature boy she named Liam.

Exactly two months later, Allard died. She'd begun chemotherapy just after her son's birth. But in the end, it was too late.

Doctors believe Allard had bowel cancer that had gone undetected for years, eventually spreading to her liver. She realized something was wrong after she began suffering from stomach cramps, and tests revealed that her liver was covered with malignant tumors, the Mail reported.
"The doctors said they couldn't do anything because she was pregnant," Martyn Allard, 34, told the Mail. "She told them straight away they were not going to get rid of it. She'd have lost the will to fight."

The courageous and selfless mother was able to get out of bed and hold her tiny son several times beside his incubator before her death. Liam is the Allards' fourth child and first boy; his sisters are Leah, 10; Amy, 8; and Courtney, 20 months.

"Lorraine was positive all the way through," Martyn Allard told the paper. "She had strength for both of us. I can't begin to describe how brave she was. Towards the end we knew things weren't going well, but she was overjoyed that she had given life to Liam."


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