Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aaron called

Well, last night I heard from Aaron again! Things are just great there!

Aaron had to get up extremely early Tuesday morning, and didn't get back to Centenario until 10:30 last night. The "Senior Trip" to Ciudad Victoria was nice, but tiring. However, he was not complaining, because again, what an opportunity to spend such a special time with the young men. When he got back to the camp site last night, the rest of the team was so excited because they had such a wonderful day with the people.

Also, I WAY underestimated the amount of people that have been attending the Bible study! The women's group has been having about 25. That is amazing!

Today, Wednesday, the team will say their goodbye's and head back across the border into Texas. I know I mention this every trip, but please pray. It can be so difficult to say goodbye. Especially when you don't know if you'll ever see these people again. Also, not knowing the impact of the time spent there can be difficult. Especially with this kind of mission trip. So often you hear of people building houses, or libraries, etc. Also, I myself have been on a mission trip that the whole point was to walk into a village, talk someone into saying a prayer....and really meaning it...then going on our merry way.

This week, I have had a handful of people, all "Christian's" mind you, question me as to what my husband was doing in Mexico. I explain that he is there on a mission trip. They say...oh, what's he building. I say relationships. They say...yeah, but is he building houses? I say no. They say... well then what is he doing there? I say making friends and telling them about Christ. Preaching. Teaching. They say...oh, that's all! As if to say that preaching the Gospel of Christ is not as important as building a house! Unbelievable.

So, if any of you kids are reading this after you get home. And you're struggling with knowing whether or not your time there was used by God (even though you didn't build a house!) Know that the Lord has used you. Remember Carmen. We saw no fruit for two years. Who would've thought that Carmen would come to know Christ!

Thank you for spending your time off with these people that we have come to love. They need to know Christ, and what an honor it is that they have invited us there to share! Thank you Lord for making a way!

Love you ALL!!!!!

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Rebekkah said...

Thanks, Rachel. That was encouraging.