Monday, June 23, 2008

Mexico 2008

Hey Everyone! So sorry for the delay getting the first post up regarding our peeps in Mexico. This post is just a little blurb that I wrote up for our church, so that they can be praying accordingly each day.

The team has arrived in Centenario as of about 1pm today (Friday). They will be setting up camp and making initial visits this evening.

Saturday-Tuesday will be spent making home visits, having VBS, men's & women's Bible study, and helping with the locals in any way possible.

Saturday & Sunday, Aaron and a few of the other men will be conducting a pastor's conference in San Juan. They have a wonderful collection of books for the pastors that will be attending. It should be a wonderful time of discipleship & fellowship for the brothers that are living there in the neighboring villages.

Wednesday will be spent packing up & heading back across the border into Texas.

Thursday their flight leaves Harlingen at 9:00am and they will arrive in St. Louis at 1:30pm.

Please pray that this group would once again be well accepted among the community. Great accomplishment was made last year when the town officials gave us a letter of welcome to come there and minister as often as we would like. A great deal of trust has been gained through the repeated visits to this area in Mexico. We want the families there to realize that our people are there not to entertain them, and not for a vacation, but rather to show them the love of Christ.

Please pray for their safety while in Mexico, but also during their return.

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