Friday, July 10, 2009

Praise God!

Twitter only allows me to enter the tiniest bit of info, so I hope no one minds having to read updates here.

For those of you who haven't heard, there was one major issue after the next before they ever reached the border Wednesday morning! Upon arrival at the hotel, they found out that the rooms were not ready, the van was not ready, etc., etc. Oh and this was on top of the fact that Kimmy and Amber were stuck in Houston trying to get a passport for Kimmy! Most of the drama was worked out. Unfortunately, after waiting for several hours Wednesday morning, Enterprise STILL had not fixed our van issue. Instead of a 15 passenger van, they gave us a 12 passenger. Now, let me remind you that there are 12 people, all of their luggage, 2 huge coolers, medical supplies, sound system......... I'm just sayin, the border patrol probably got a good laugh seeing them roll through that loaded down! I'm giggling just thinking about it! And the whole time, I"m sure Mrs. Weber is smiling and saying GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!

They have seen a great turnout thus far. Many from the village, adults & children alike have come for "VBS." Aaron said that the women's Bible study is going especially well with a greater turnout than they expected. Please especially rememer Amber as she is leading this study. Pray that the Lord would speak through her that many might be saved. And that she would build strong, deep relationships with some of these women that she will spend the next month with. That the Lord would bring trust between them, and that they might see and desire a relationship with Christ! That through discipleship many might be SAVED!!!!!

WOW! I was just thinking about how awesome it would be to Baptize at least 10 in November!

Thursday night, a few people from another village came to town. Praise the Lord, they are Christians from another village, and were there to share the Gospel! Our team led an evening time of Worship with singing and preaching, and plan to do it all again tonight! After the service, Aaron was able to speak with the pastor from the other village. He said that he has been praying for training and discipleship. When he became a Christian, he was "thrown" into the position of pastor, and having no biblical education, no training, no nothing but love for the Lord, he was a little frazzled. He asked if Aaron would come to their village and preach in November, and is wanting to be involved in the pastor training that they will be doing. Aaron was able to give him a copy of God is the Gospel, by John Piper. He just wants to learn learn learn! What a JOY! Thank you Lord!

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'm certainly missing my hubby. And let me tell ya, Olivia is sooo missing her daddy! This morning she came up to the foot of my bed and grabbed the covers saying "wake up daddy, wake up!" She thought she was grabbing his toes. :-) I reminded her that he was not home and she said..."oh. mexico. huggie daddy. all my kisses." Then she reached into the air and said "squeeeeeeze" (air hug) and went on about her business. lol How can 2 year olds be so smart? And so dramatic. How did she learn that???

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