Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update on Missions

I would like to you encourage you to follow us on our temporary Twitter account @rockportmission. We are sending updates via twitter and you will find more information at

Also, I would like to encourage others to post testimonies from last week's trip to Tamaulipus, Mexico. Here are some points that I pray will be encouraging and challenging to you.

  • Ubaldo, a nine year old young man from the village, approached one of our team members expressing a desire to know Christ. This brother was then able to share with him and believes that Ubaldo was saved.
  • During the medical clinic many were served, hopefully Stephanie will be able to post a more comprehensive testimony soon.
  • This past trip we had several in attendance for times of preaching and singing.
  • We received an invitation to preach at a congregation in a small village that is near Valle Hermoso (town near the boarder).
Please continue to pray as we seek the Lord's direction in this mission as well as future mission endeavors.

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