Friday, April 13, 2012

Random thoughts from the Memory

It is another busy day here along the US/Mexico border and with most of our days we are running busy in different directions. So, here are some random updates.
Ligonier Ministries Specials
On this blog and in different locations previously I have referred to a wonderful resource by R.C. Sproul entitled "Taste of Heaven." This helpful book provides some excellent insight in to the subject of worship. This, along with others are available as part of the $5.00 Friday special. Visit the online store now
Little more on Mexico/Gideons
I failed to mention something very encouraging that we noticed during our trip to Mexico earlier this week. It appeared that the Giedons made a sweep through the very commercial market area because we saw groups of people reading Gideon Bibles (in Spanish) as well as saw several copies sitting at booths.
For Your Joy/Other Resources
Previously donated funds were used to purchase a case of "For Your Joy" booklets in Spanish. This little booklet by Pastor/Teacher John Piper answers many questions such as "What did Jesus have to die", "How can God love me" and "What does it mean if I don't love God." This week we have been able to place copies of this book at a few local businesses and they have been taken by interested persons. Yesterday we provided a handful to a Pastor visiting from Reyonsa, Mexico.
A special thank-you to those who played a part in providing a case of "Pilgrim's Progress." These were used by a congregation in Mexico and the Pastor sends his thanks!
Thank you for those who are committed to seeing that good resources are provided to all peoples of all languages!
Memory/Computer Updates
There has been a good response from supporters desiring to assist with the purchase of RAM for the two computers at the congregation where we are currently working. This, along with the purchase of an internet router will allow us to participate in online meetings and set the congregation up with online teaching and training by extension. This seems wise to me to recommend to them as this will make a good use of resources.
As I was typing this report I was informed that so far $225.00 was given toward this cause. We praise the Lord for this!
Debbie Ferrell at can answer any questions concerning these projects. Please feel free to contact her if she can be of assistance. Again, thank you for your partnership in this endeavor.
There are so many other items that can be shared, but for now please just continue to pray for the work going on today, the Bible studies tonight and tomorrow night and our men's breakfast for tomorrow morning!
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