Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rebounding and redemption

The other morning, Billy and I were playing basketball and we were teaching Olivia some things in basketball. (Well, really Billy was teaching basketball, I was just teaching vocabulary - LOL). I would tell Olivia what we called it when the basketball is shot, doesn't make it and one takes possession of the ball. After teaching her a few minutes later I would ask her again. "Olivia what do we call it when someone misses the shot and someone must get the....." I tried to help her with the "reeeee" and she looked at me and said "redeem." After we had our laughs we explained to her that it was "rebound." That little incident kind of set a tone for some things later in the day.

In the evening yesterday several things happened. Rachel and Olivia went and served disaster relief workers their evening dinner while Rick continued teaching the second half of his "sound technician" training. While all of this was going on Billy and I met with a few young men for a Bible study and discussion.

In our Bible study, in Spanish, we first read from Psalm 1 and discussed the importance of reading, thinking, and "meditating" on the Word of God. From there we followed up by reviewing the first two catechism questions from the Baptist Catechism. We then went in to working on memorizing the order of the books in the New Testament. Then we turned our attention to the book "A young man after God's own heart." This gave us a well-rounded education for the evening. After all the "teaching time" was over we played some basketball on the property.

Back to the matter of "rebounding and redemption." One of the ways that we are teaching others here is by simply reading through the scriptures and other books taking time to stop and ask if basic words are correctly understood. For instance, we have discussed words such as "Soberano" - Sovereign, "Discipulo" - Disciple, "Inmutable" - Immutable, and many others. It has been refreshing and also very enlightening to me personally.

I shared with Billy and Rick last night that some of the lessons that I have learned include:

Don't assume that words are understood

Don't rush the one you are teaching

Take time to read with the person, not just assign reading

Thank you again for following these posts and for praying for all of us. We also enjoyed a nice trip to Mexico yesterday as indicated in our picture above. Thank you also for praying for Olivia. Her bug bite is much, much better and the signs of infection seem to be going away. Praise the Lord!

In Christ,


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