Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Iglesia Hispana - (Spanish Bible Study/Worship Service) Update

We had another great evening meeting together. Again this week there were four of us who met at Rockport for the service. However, Armando was not one of them as he is really sick. Pray for him as he was discouraged that he could not come this evening, but he promised that he would be there for next week.

Brother Paul Garcia, a dear friend of mine and co-laborer in the gospel, Brother Daniel, Isai, and I decided to pray and then go make some contacts, and we did! The evening was very profitable as we made contact with a family that lives near the church. The wife and kids are planning on coming next Tuesday evening. Please pray over this family! We also made several other contacts throughout Arnold/South County.

In God's providence he brought a man to our apartment today to ask for assistance for his friend. Now, neither men speak English, but the first man, Ed, knew us because of speaking with him around the property and also from playing soccer together. He has become a good amigo. His other friend that he brought to us is looking for an apartment mainly because he is wanting to move his family in to a better school district because his children are having major problems where they are. So, we were able to speak with them and also invite them to the Bible Study next Tuesday. We received a verbal commitment from Ed. Please remember to pray for Ed and Amado (and family).

The Lord is really blessing and is moving in the hearts of so many. I'll keep everyone posted at least on a weekly basis.

In Christ,


PS - I want to thank the College class at Rockport for adopting this ministry as their mission focus each week. We thank you for your prayer and support!

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