Sunday, February 25, 2007

Resource on the Battle for Purity

Recently, we just conducted a "Purity" weekend with our teenage boys and girls. During this weekend, I feel that the Lord has brought to our attention the great need for holiness. It is very alarming to know how many are affected by pornography.

So, there are many that are asking me for books and resources on the subject. I would like to comment on this and will post some updates containing some recommendations. First, I would like to point out the following Scripture.

Ephesians 5:3 ESV
But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints.
We, as believers, should be above reproach. In fact, others should be able to look at our lives and be able to determine that there is not even a "hint" of sexual immorality among us. I would like to quote something from a great resource, the book "Not Even a Hint" by Joshua Harris...This book has been given a new title "Sex is Not the Problem, Lust Is." You can find this book and many others at Christian stores everywhere. I personally would suggest purchasing books online through ebay or a great Christian resource such as

A lot of us have developed a diet mentality toward lust. We really want to cut back on lust because we know it's not healthy and it makes us feel bad. But like some rich, calorie-laden chocolate dessert, lust is just too tasty to resist completely. Surely God will understand if we break our diet and nibble a little lust now and then (get too intimate on a date here, watch a questionable movie there, or indulge in an ungodly fantasy.)

This is the same kind of thinking behind the age-old question asked in youth groups: "How far is too far?"

Isn't just a little lust okay? You can see how our diet mentality leads us to set upa lower standard than God's. You might call it "a little won't hurt." And, hey it sounds like a reasonable standard. Best of all, at least on the surface, it seems doable.

There's just one problem: The Bible teaches the opposite. A little lust is not okay. That's why God calls us to the daunting standard of not even a hint.

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