Thursday, February 22, 2007

Update on Worship Service In Spanish

Many people have been asking how the service in Spanish is going on Tuesday evenings. I figured this would be the best place to post updates and information as well as points of needed prayer. So, here we go. First of all, I would like to thank Rob and Kristi and their family for the commitment to provide transportation, and for the snacks that they have been providing each week. Second, I would like to thank my dear brother in the Lord Daniel, for all of his effort and energy that he puts in to the service. I could go on and on thanking people for all the help. I want to especially thank my beautiful wife, Rachel. Without her assistance every single day, there would be such a lacking in the ministry that the Lord has given me. The Lord has blessed me beyond measure in my wife. I love you dear!

This Past Week/Preparing for Next Week
This past week was our 2nd service, and we had a total of 4 in attendance. Many of you all already know the story about the fact that Daniel was telling me that I should be prepared for seeing nobody for months and that I should prepare myself to be content with the fact that we are being obedient in preaching, praying, and inviting.

Next week we are going to begin by reciting our memory verse to each other (John 3:16 RV1960). We are also going to get Armando acclimated to playing the keyboard while Daniel leads in playing the guitar.

Between now and then we hope to have the opportunity to make many invitations to others. I am asking that you please consider how you might invite others and point us to other contacts.

In two weeks...and beyond!
We are going to have our first "Cena" meaning, we are going to have a meal together before our service. It is important that we begin developing relationship within the context of those who believe. I have a sense that the Lord is already developing this relationship with Armando, Daniel, and me.

We also plan to invite others to come play Futbol (soccer) before a Tuesday night service in March. There are also plans to celebrate La Cena del Senor (the Lord's Supper) at one of our services.

How can you pray...
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to call people to Himself. Pray for miraculous conversions brought about by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit!
  • Pray for Daniel as he prepares the Bible Study each week and as he leads his congregation at Centro Cristiano at Kingshyway Baptist Church in St. Louis.
  • Pray that the Lord would greatly bless by providing the funding for supplies.
  • There are many that we are in contact with that are unregenerate. Please pray for the salvation of Antonio, Ezequial, Mario, Jesus, Marcos, Tomas and many, many others!
  • Pray that the Lord would throw open the floodgates of blessing upon this new work and the Lord would build His church for the praise of His glory!!!
In all things...Christ preeminent!


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