Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our Ultimate Entertainment

I hate to simply cut and paste something from another site, but I found this so enlightening that I could not help but share this with anyone that might come across this blog. Recently, even this morning at Starbucks, I have been discussing with others the dangers of our American forms of entertainment. It is astounding how so many of those who profess Christ will then love, praise, enjoy, participate, view, and speak to others about the things in which God hates. For example, consider the American movie industry. How Christians can indulge in such things and speak greatly and enjoy seeing and speaking of the things that God detests? It seems as if this action calls one of two things in question, first, is this really something that God detests, or secondly, is this person that claims Christ really a new creature? (Please understand that these words are believed, typed, and spoken in an attitude of utter humility and love).

In stark contrast to what the world has to offer, we find Christ, our ultimate Joy, Satisfaction, and Entertainment. Here are the words of Jonathan Edwards...

When the saints shall see Christ’s glory and exaltation in heaven, it will indeed possess their hearts with the greater admiration and adoring respect, but it will not awe them into any separation, but will serve only to heighten their surprise and joy, when they find Christ condescending to admit them to such intimate access, and so freely and fully communicating himself to them. So that if we choose Christ for our friend and portion, we shall hereafter be so received to him, that there shall be nothing to hinder the fullest enjoyment of him, to the satisfying the utmost cravings of our souls. We may take our full swing at gratifying our spiritual appetite after these holy pleasures. Christ will then say, as in Song 5:1 “Eat, O friends, drink, yea, drink abundantly O beloved.” And this shall be our entertainment to all eternity! There shall never be any end of this happiness, or anything to interrupt our enjoyment of it, or in the least to molest us in it!

–1736, “The Excellency of Christ

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