Saturday, April 7, 2007

There is a Louder Shout to Come!!!

Lately I have been considering the way I worship, both privately and publicly. No, I'm not just talking about singing songs. So please do not discredit this post from this presumption. There is an act of worship in pretty much everything that we do, because we naturally worship that which we value the most. The scripture tells us that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)

The more I consider the greatness of God, the sufficiency of knowing Him, the utter dependence that I have on Him, the self-sufficiency of Christ, the Holiness of God, and His great love for me His child...I can't help but be overcome with great joy and emotion. As a Southern Baptist, I can confess that traditionally so many have neglected worshipping God with our entire being, especially in the context of corporate worship. God is not honored by emotionless, dead worship. Neither is honored by emotion driven driven worship. He is most honored by an utter amazement at who He is...therefore this must be driven by solid Biblical truth. The result of being amazed at who Christ is in the lens of Scripture...should be an overwhelming response that engages the heart, mind, and might.

Recently I have sensed a great freedom during cooperate worship times at Rockport. Lately, there have been people that have felt the liberty to cry out and to shout about the goodness of our Lord. I must confess, these people have done what I have wanted to do for so long, but have just been too afraid to express it. I have been considering and meditating on the Psalms and contemplating the loud and rhythmic music, and the glad heart leading to shouting, singing, and dancing before the Lord, and am amazed at how often this was expressed as a normal part of rejoicing in God's greatness. I'm sure that there are some that are reading this and saying..."but Aaron, what about the times of silence, fear, trembling, etc." I couldn't agree with that question more...where is it? I am convinced that in America our corporate times of worship, if present our private and family times of worship, are more driven by tradition that is not biblically based, therefore is no tradition worth following. It seems that most of this has American flavor rather than a Biblical root. For instance, schedule driven, an attempt to be consumer-friendly, non-offensive, etc. Where is the time of jubilant rejoicing, where is time time of silence, where is the time of shouting? Have when thrown it away in fear of being labeled as those of another denomination...if this is our motive, then we are to be pitied and need rebuked!

Well, I could preach about 100 sermons here...but I must leave with this reflection. There is a louder shout to come...there is a greater song that will be sung. I long for the day that representatives of every nation, tribe and tongue will stand together and in ONE VOICE shall stand before the throne and shout, sing, and cry "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty." A great song by Matt Redman writes about that day...

There is a sweeter song to hear;
All the nations with one voice,
All the people with one fear.
Bowing down before Your throne,
Every tribe and tongue will be;
All the nations with one voice,
All the people with one King.
And what a song we’ll sing upon that day.

O what a song we’ll sing and
O what a tune we’ll bear;
You deserve an anthem of the highest praise.
O what a joy will rise and
O what a sound we’ll make;
You deserve an anthem of the highest praise.

Now we see a part of this,
One day we shall see in full;
All the nations with one voice,
All the people with one love.
No one else will share Your praise,
Nothing else can take Your place;
All the nations with one voice,
All the people with one Lord.
And what a song we’ll sing upon that day.

Even now upon the earth
There’s a glimpse of all to come;
Many people with one voice,
Harmony of many tongues.
We will all confess Your name,
You will be our only praise;
All the nations with one voice,
All the people with one God.
And what a song we’ll sing upon that day.

Matt Redman
Copyright © 1996 Thankyou Music

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Bob said...

Good post Bro. I am glad to see you are keeping up with you blog, unlike the rest of us.
Anway, that was a blessing to read.