Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Response to a Question Regarding the Popular "Dare To Share Conference"

I was recently asked about my opinion regarding the very popular "Dare 2 Share" conferences that are sweeping the nation. Recently, I was asked for my opinion regarding the conferences...below you will find my response.

Please understand my heart in writing this response. My hope is to advocate for Christ-centered Biblical truth that stands in great contrast to popular teaching and methodology today. I pray that this humble attempt will provide clarification to many who have been asking me about this event.

Dear (name omitted for confidentiality),

Thank you for sending out the e-mail requesting feedback from the Dare-to-Share conference. I am really sorry that I am just now getting back with you.

I have read much about these conferences, attended luncheons, and have visited with youth pastors and students whom have attended these conferences. Some parents of my students have also done the same and we have some concerns regarding the Dare-2-Share conference. I just returned from speaking at a D-Now conference in another state and was asked my experience and my opinion regarding this ministry as well.

First I would like to start by saying that I love the concept of getting students excited and equipping them for kingdom service and the spreading of the gospel. I believe that I disagree more with the methodology and the theology behind such conferences.

May I ask you some questions about the conference? Does this conference promotes such a big view of God that his Holiness stuns us? It has been my experience that this conference does not teach students that there is none who seek after God, no not even one, is this correct? It is also my understanding that this conference does not teach that it is impossible for anyone to be saved apart from the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, or am I mistaken? Furthermore it is my understanding that it is not clearly presented that unless a person repent and believe, there is no real conversion. What has been explained to me is that students are encouraged to present two options to people and call them to a decision. I am wondering where the supernatural regenerating work of the Holy Spirit happens in this?

Students and youth pastors alike do not describe this as an event that demonstrates the radical conversion of the Christian to come out of the world and to take up his cross, deny himself, and follow Christ. My real concern is this teaching is not so much grounded in Biblical doctrine as it is emotional hype.

I recognize that I may be completely off base, and would really appreciate knowing this first hand, which I guess means that I might need to attend one of the conferences. However, looking at what I have seen from those that attend, I am afraid that though there may be a temporary emotional response, and yes perhaps numbers to support this, I am wondering if these are genuine conversions, or simple human "decisions."

Please understand that my intention is to advocate for Christ-centered, God-exalting truth that promotes that Christ alone is the way and to follow him may cost you your very life, but it is worth it. Thank you for asking for follow up regarding this conference because I do believe that this demonstrates your desire to offer Missouri Baptists the best in missions training.

Your brother in Christ,


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William F. "Billsey" Maddock said...

When bank officers and employees learn to tell the difference between the fake and the genuine, do they study the fake or the genuine? No, they stick so closely to studying the genuine that the fake leaps out at them because of even the slightest difference. You have solid Biblical teaching where you attend, Aaron. Why take the chance of sullying that with "slight" variations? Even a slight variation from the Truth is in fact not the Truth. Why risk it?